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Macau Trip 2015: Hard Rock Hotel Macau

It's summer season now and it's a great time for travelling with your family or friends to enjoy some sightseeing. I was at Macau 2 weeks back for 4 days 3 nights and did a lot of sightseeing and indulge lots of popular Macau must-eat food too. 

It was a last minute trip with family members and we were kinda worried about expensive flight, accommodation and expenses incurred as all bookings were done like 4 weeks before? (We normally plan our holidays way earlier). After comparing all the suitable hotels on rooms, facilities, prices and etc, we came to a conclusion that this is the most suitable hotel to stay in; 

Reason being is that it offers the best room rate (most affordable) yet it's a five star hotel with all the top-notch facilities for your indulgence. We paid only MOP3313.15 (including 15% prevailing taxes) for 3 nights in Double Queen Room which can accommodate up to 3 Adults or 2 Adults & 2 Children (or 4 Adults too). This room rate comes with high-speed wifi and a really comfortable room of 2 queen sized beds (without breakfast as we wanted to explore Macau local food). 

 I did a quick check while writing this and this affordable room rate is available during this December's school holidays too. Time to plan your trip for the upcoming school holidays :)

Tips: If you would like to book the Double queen room meant for 3 Adults or 2 Adults and 2 Children, key-ing in (3 Adults or 2 Adults and 2 Children) in the number of pax column may not be advisable. Sometimes, the double queen room may be unavailable (or the results shows no rooms are available) 
if you key in this. If this happens, do key in 2 Adults in the 'number of pax' column and try again.

I experienced this when I was trying to book the room where no room is available for 3 Adults but the double queen room is available when I key in 2 Adults. I have checked with the hotel that the Double Queen Room can accommodate up to 3 Adults or 2 Adults & 2 Children. Thus, you can search for this room rate with 2 Adults and then at the 'Remarks' column, put in the details of how many pax will be staying in the room. 

Presenting to you the Double Queen Room in Hard Rock Hotel, Macau. 

Super comfy pillow with a touch

Spacious room with large mirror for your ootd shot. Behind the mirror is a large area to hang all your clothes. 

Bar table top makes it convenient to take away food and munch throughout the night :)

Wonderful minibar filled with affordable goodies. 

Don't worry if you bought some wine from the nearby supermarket, convenience store or shopping mall. You have wine glass in the room waiting for you. 

If you didn't buy any alcoholic drinks and in need of some, these are available in the room at an affordable price. 

 Making a margarita or a mojito? Hard Rock Hotel Macau prepare these Mixer set for you to release your inner bartender soul. 

 Yes, they have Chinese wine too :)

Don't worry about feeling hungry or thirsty in the middle of the night. You have a stocked up minibar at an affordable price. 

You can opt for cup noodle and chips at an affordable price too. 

The bathroom actually looks clean and neat. Comes with a bathtub :)

Plenty of towels and bathroom amenities for your convenience. 

Even the bar of soap is nicely presented with a bottle of lotion next to it. 

You can find more bathroom amenities inside this box. 

If you're saying that the room rate is quite expensive compare to those hotel in the Macau city, well do think again. This five-star hotel is located right in the heart of Cotai Strip under City of Dreams entertainment resort. Cotai Strip is a place where all the magic happens - the one stop center which houses all the new hotels, casinos, entertainment hub and luxury shopping experience fit for tourist. Right opposite of City of Dreams is the Venetian City (famous for its blue sky ceiling within the building) and on the left side is the Sands Cotai Central (which also houses Conrad, Holiday Inn and Sheraton). Due to its strategic location, you can just walk across the road (small road - not highway) and within 2 minutes, you can land yourself at Venetian City or Sands Cotai. And if you wish to get to Galaxy Macau (the biggest and most grand place to be at Cotai) for gaming, food, shopping or a gateaway to Taipa Village, there's a shuttle bus from City of Dreams to Galaxy Macau every 10 minutes. If you compare with other room rate in this Cotai area, Hard Rock Macau offers the best room rate. 
It was convenient for us as we get to see both Venetian City and Sands Cotai too. We did some food and casino hopping between City of Dreams, Venetian City and Sands Cotai. 

One thing to take note when you're considering an accommodation in Macau is the Complimentary Shuttle Bus Service provided by the hotel. From Hard Rock Hotel Macau, you can take their complimentary Lucky Express shuttle bus to bring you around. The Lucky Express shuttle bus from City of Dreams could bring you to these locations: Macau ferry Terminal, Border Gate, Hotel Sintra Macau, Cotai Macau Connection, Taipa Ferry Terminal & Airport, Hengqin Check Point and Galaxy Hotel. For more info on these shuttle bus service, do click here. Do get the latest bus schedule from the hotel when you check in in case there's a change in bus schedule. 

Tips: To get to Taipa Village, go to Galaxy Macau and it's 5 minutes walking distance from there. 
         To get to Senado Square, board the bus heading to Hotel Sintra  and walk for about 10 minutes 
         to reach Senado Square. 

Another thing to note when you arrived at Macau International Airport and wish to board the hotel shuttle bus to the hotel. We were kinda lost and walked around at the airport for 40 minutes looking for the shuttle bus (we did asked around and no one has any info  - even the tourism department has no idea at all) when we arrived. Finally, we board the shuttle bus to Venetian City and walk across to City of Dreams to check in. 

Tips: When you arrived at the Macau International Airport, do look for City of Dreams staff at the Arrival hall because their shuttle bus is NOT located at the area where all other hotel shuttle bus waits. Do not follow the 'Hotel shuttle bus' sign (or you'll ended up waiting like us). You will need to approach the City of Dreams staff to board the bus. The City of Dreams staffs are wearing purple colour uniform (according to the hotel staff). So, do hunt for staff in purple uniform once you arrive - their shuttle bus is located at the departure hall/first floor according them. 
- If you can't find the bus/staff at all, board the Venetian shuttle bus (at Hotel Shuttle Bus waiting area) and walk across to City of Dreams when you arrive at Venetian City.  

And the infamous House of Dancing Water is located inside City of Dreams. You can recharge yourself in your room before watching the show - if you're tired from all the exploring in the morning. 

The hotel provides other great facilities too such the outdoor guitar-shaped swimming pool, fitness centre, Rock Spa for a relaxing therapy and even a Kids City (entertainment center for your child) - there's arcade, basketball machine, and etc for them. 

Now, if you're travelling to Macau and in need of a good accommodation for you to rest, refresh and rejuvenate yourself; this is the place you should be staying at. 

For more info on Hard Rock Hotel, Macau; log on to:
Website: Hard Rock Macau 
Instagram : @hardrockhotelmacau

To know more about City of Dreams, click here

Note: This is not a paid post or sponsored post! Just a piece of my experience here. 

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