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Ramadhan Buffet 2015: Chakri Palace, KLCC

Ramadhan month is around the corner and here's a place where you can have your Ramadhan Buffet at an affordable price yet comes with great environment and mouth-watering dishes at convenient locations.

Imperial Chakri Palace which serves authentic Royal Thai Cuisine is located at KLCC Shopping Centre which is conveniently accessible by the KLCC LRT Station (located underground the mall) and some town buses. If you plan to drive there, there's plenty of parking space available at the mall or Avenue-K across the street.

This Ramadhan, Chef Sollahudin Nutto and his team at Chakri Palace whipped up more than 50 authentic Thai and local favorites dishes to tantalize your tastebuds and you'll be sure to come back for more after the meal :)

And you can dine here at Chakri Palace every week during the Ramadhan month because their buffet dishes rotates 3 times a week. Thus, there's always some new dishes that you can look for when you come back here for the second or third time.

I was at the media preview of their Ramadhan buffet thanks to Ivy, FOOD Malaysia and the team at Chakri Palace. I do love Thai cuisine personally and had always dine at the infamous award-wining Thai restaurant at Jalan U-Thant as well as Thai kopitiams in Klang Valley. This was my first time exploring Thai cuisine at Chakri Palace located at their KLCC outlet. Well, their food is delicious and I will be back for more! I found the perfect classic Tom Yum soup at Chakri Palace too and the best thing about dining at a buffet? You can have it more than once :)

 We sampled the Ramadhan Buffet Menu which is only available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Chakri Palace. The Buffet menu is divided into a few sections which are Appetizer, Kerabu Section, Live Stations, Thai cuisine, Local Favourite dishes and end it at the Dessert Section.

This are the amazingly delicious dishes available at Chakri Palace, Royal Thai Cuisine restaurant.
p.s.  You will be seeing a display of mouth-watering food pictures - do scroll till the end!

Kurma (Dates)

The team at Chakri Palace prepared these deliciously looking kurma (Date) just for you. Kurma (Dates) is a type of sweet fruit and is rich in multivitamins needed by our body. These are the perfect appetizer for those who had fast during the day.

Mieng Kam

When you're dining in a Thai Restaurant, be sure to try Mieng Kam, a type of Thai traditional snack or known as 'appetizer' to us :) The picture below shows how they normally display the dish.
So, all you need to do is take a piece of daun kadok (Betel Leaf) and roll it like a little cone shape thing and then stuff all the ingredients available into it. Do take a little from each ingredient because the hole is quite small and you don't want the taste to be overwhelm by those ingredients. All you need is a balance of everything. Lastly, drizzle some sauce and you can put it in your mouth.

Take a bit of everything below and stuff into your rolled betel leaf. 

Chef Sollahudin Nutto showing how to prepare the Mieng Kam. 


There's a wide and colourful selection of appetizers on the buffet table. It is important that the appetizers consist of eye catching dishes because it represents the first impression of the buffet meal. Looking at these vibrant colours of healthy components, you'll feel happy and healthy dining at Chakri Palace. 
I once heard during my Taiwan trip that we must eat at least 5 types of different colours of fruits and vegetables everyday to achieve a balance and healthy diet. Now, here at Chakri Palace, you will be greeted by more than 6 types of different colours of vegetables and fruits and be sure to try them all when you're here. 

Here's the appetizers available:
- Ulam-ulaman with Sambal Belacan
- Acar Timun
- Telur Masin
- Aneka Jeruk
- Samosa Goreng
- Kangkung Goreng Ala Thai
- Por Pia Inti Sayuran
- Aneka Keropok Onion Ring Goreng
- Gado-gado
- Nasi Impit Kuah Kacang


You must not missed this 4 types of Kerabu dishes when dining at the Ramadhan Buffet at Chakri Palace. I tried these Som Tum, Kerabu Mangga Thai, Kerabu Glass Noodle and Kerabu Ayam Cincang when I was there. One common thing between all these kerabu are that; they are savoury salads and had a mixture of sour and spicy taste. They have a perfect combination of crunchy and soft texture in your mouth. The more you eat them, the more you'll feel hungry and grab them more. It's a good thing because the sour taste increase your appetite and digest the undigested food in your stomach :) They help to get your stomach ready for the mains. 

Mains (Thai cuisine)

There's delicious looking Thai style dishes waiting for you to indulge them. There's 7 types of Thai style dishes available on the buffet table and Thai fragrant white rice is prepared for you to accompany the dishes. 

This Lamb in Thai Green Curry is absolutely delicious where the mutton comes off the bone easily and had fully absorbed the heavenly green curry sauce. You'll know that you're dining in a good Thai restaurant by tasting their classic green curry. 

Now, this is something different from the normal prawns in salted egg yolk that I had. This is a Thai style Butter Prawns in Salted Egg. There's both egg white and yolk component in this one. You can practically grab a spoon and scope the salted eggs to taste them as they are not fully absorbed into the prawn shell like the one we usually eat in Chinese cuisine. Prawns are fresh and juicy which complements the mashed salted egg well. 
Stir Fried Lala with Tom Yum Paste (left) and Sauteed Beancurd with Minced Chicken (right). Both are flavorful with presence of Thai Basil leaves - my favourite :)

This is the fried sliced fish with "Tiga Rasa" Sauce. I love the sauce very much - it's a spicy though. Don't put too much if you can't eat too spicy yeah. 

I love this one ~ Sauteed Squid with Garlic Sauce. The chopped squid has the right texture which is not too chewy but not too soft either. Yum!

This is the ordinary Stir Fried Mix Vegetables. You can't have a meal without some fiber, so do try this one too to balance out your meal. 

Mains ( Local Favorites)

Besides the Royal Thai dishes, they also serve a few types of local favorites dishes too. These dishes are part of the normal Ramadhan buffet must-have. 

Start it off with some Nasi Beriani and this one contains lots of raisins and cashew nuts in it. 

Ditch your usual chicken rendang and go for this Ayam Kapitan instead. Something new to add onto your palate this year. It really goes well with the Nasi Beriani which they served. 

This is a classic Ramadhan dish - Rendang Daging Tok (Beef). Didn't try this as beef is not for me. But heard from others that it's good though. 

Some brinjal curry anyone? Loving this and I had more than one round of this :P The brinjal is soft and had absorbed the curry sauce making it so tasty in your mouth. 

This is the pineapple curry but I think I love the brinjal version better than this :)

Satay Station

Satay is a must-have in a Ramadhan buffet. As usual, you can choose from a choice of either beef or chicken. I tried the chicken version and it taste good. 

Gerai Sup Tom Yum (Tom Yum Soup)

This is the D-I-Y Tom Yum Soup station. You can pick your preferable ingredients from the table and pass them to the skillful chef to cook them. There's yellow noodle, kuey tiew and vermicelli available to choose from. But if you want to tom yum soup instead of a noodle tom yum soup, ignore these noodles and head straight to the prawns, fishballs, filament sticks and squids. 

The perfect Tom Yum Soup is here at Chakri Palace. As I mentioned before, the perfect tom yum soup depends on the balance of flavour in the soup and not on how spicy the soup is. I found my perfect version of Tom Yum soup here and the soup is balance and smooth enough to flows through your throat. 

Gerai Ikan Bakar (Grilled Fish Stall)

Be prepared to tantalize your tastebud with these fiery and flavourful grilled fish. You might want to eat them carefully due to the presence of bones in the fish. But it's worth it to spend your time deboning it. 


Now, this is one of my favourite part - it's dessert time! At Chakri Palace, you can have both Thai style and Malay style desserts on your plate. 

Here's the dessert menu we had:
- Red Ruby Waterchestnut
- Pulut Mangga
- Kuih Muih Melayu
- Aneka Jelly Thai
- Ubi Kayu Stim
- Pisang Stim Manis
- Bubur Jagung & Pisang
- Bubur Kacang

I'm enjoying my 'dessert moment' to the fullest at Chakri Palace. The Pisang Stim Manis is my personal favourite. Soft, sweet and a bit of savoury bananas is steamed and drizzle with syrup. 

This Bubur Jagung and Pisang taste good too. 

And don't skip your fruits consumption when you're dining in a buffet style meal. 

Presenting to you; my Ramadhan buffet moment at Chakri Palace. 

This Ramadhan Buffet at Chakri Palace is available in their KLCC, Pavilion KL and Alamanda Putrajaya outlets from 20 June 2015 onwards. The price for this Ramadhan Buffet varies according to different outlets.

Early Bird Offer for Adults (from now to 19 June 2015) - for minimum purchase of 2 person
Chakri Xpress, Alamanda Putrajaya- RM53.90 +
Chakri Palace, Pavilion KL- RM67.90+
Imperial Chakri Palace, KLCC- RM79.90+

Chakri Xpress, Alamanda Putrajaya
Adult- RM59.90+
Child (6-12 years old)- RM29.90+
Senior Citizen (56 years old and above)- RM29.90+
Group Deal- Buy 10 Free 1

Chakri Palace, Pavilion KL 
Adult- RM75.90+
Child (6-12 years old)- RM37.90+
Senior Citizen (56 years old and above)- RM37.90+
Group Deal- Buy 5 Free 1

Imperial Chakri Palace, KLCC
Adult- RM89.90+
Child (6-12 years old)- RM45.90+
Senior Citizen (56 years old and above)- RM45.90+
Group Deal- Buy 5 Free 1

Do visit Chakri Palace website or follow their Facebook at Chakri Palace for more updates on their latest promotions.

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