Thursday, July 09, 2015

Julie's Love Letters with unique Raya packets for the Hari Raya festive

With Hari Raya celebration is only a week from now, malls and supermarkets are packed to the brim especially this weekend with all the last minute preparations for the festive. And remember to purchase some goodies to be used during house visits too. 

When you’re in the supermarket this weekend, be sure to stop by and grab a tin of Julie’s Love Letters for the festive. In conjunction with Hari Raya celebration, Julie has designed some limited edition love letters tin and available for a limited time only. Available in chocolate and strawberry flavors, you will find some special Raya packets inside it. 

If you are afraid that you might buy the wrong tin, do look for the Raya motifs and Raya packets picture label on the tin. They are filled with special Julie’s Raya packets. 

So, what’s so special about Julie’s Raya packets?

Of course the main thing is to put money inside them and gift them during the festive. 

But there’s another unique thing about Julie’s Raya Packets. Julie encourages us to write some precious messages (there’s some the extra space on the reverse side of the packets) and gift them to your family, friends and relatives during the festive. 

I think it’s a lovely thing to do and a great gesture to practice it during the festive. Nowadays, we are so busy with our gadgets that we lost personal touch with our loved ones. I do agree that e-message, e-greetings and e-cards are very convenient and it’s just at your finger tips. But you can’t compare tons of e-greetings to a personal Raya packet filled with written messages. This written message gives you the warmth, care and love which have long lost due to the use of e-messages. Therefore, make a change this Hari Raya and send some warmth through personalized written message to your loved ones. 

Julie’s Raya packet comes in 3 symbolic colours (yellow, green and blue) with hinted meaning in it. The word ‘Silaturrahim’ on the yellow Raya packet represents a long lasting friendship. The Blue packet has the word ‘Keampuan’ meant for seeking forgiveness while the Green packet has the word ‘Keberkatan’ printed on it which means blessing, thus to give thanks during the festive. 

These unique Raya packets have the shape of an envelope, perfect to store your duit Raya and served as a love or warmth letter during the festive.

Besides the unique Raya packets aka letters, the Julie’s Love Letters itself is perfect as a festive gift. It’s delicious and has exists in almost everyone’s childhood memories. Gift this Julie’s Love Letters to rekindle your precious and memorable olden days with your loved ones.

Not only that, you can purchase Julie’s Love Letter and bake Raya delicacies with the love letters. Julie has shared a recipe to make cupcake using Julie’s Cocoro Vanilla. For more info on this Julie’s Cocoro Vanilla Cupcake, visit here.

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