Tuesday, September 22, 2015

TWG Mooncake 2015 (Snowskin Series)

I'm excited to share with you on the mooncakes which I bought from my shopping session at Takashimaya Shopping Centre few days back. I go back to this fair at Takashimaya Square every year to fetch my lovely mooncakes home!

TWG Mooncake is always the top item in my shopping list whenever I fly down to Singapore. It's because I couldn't get their Snowskin series back in KL. If you are flying down to Singapore; you can actually purchase the mooncakes from their TWG outlet in Singapore Airport when you're flying back Malaysia. However, if you're flying back in the evening; they might run out of stock though. Purchasing them at their airport outlet is slightly cheaper compared to their outlets in the city :P

For this trip, I bought a box of 4 pieces from their mooncake booth at Takashimaya Outlet and another 2 pieces from their airport outlet at Terminal 1 transit area. 

I L-O-V-E TWG's Snowskin mooncake a lot because it taste very different from those common ones which emphasize on the flavored lotus paste filling. This year, TWG is offering 4 types of tea-infused snowskin mooncakes which guarantee to bring snowskin mooncakes to another whole new level.

Their theme for this year is the Autumn Celebration Tea which announced the arrival of fall in deep violet, setting the tone and the flavour of the season. Their gift boxes are customized to match the theme of the season on the outside but still maintaining the golden glam on the inside.

The 4 flavours for the TWG Snowskin Mooncake series are Pure, Illumination, Dragon and Celebration. A box of 4pcs is priced at SGD60 per box while individual piece is priced at SGD16/each. 

The rose among the thorns in the box is the Dragon which is indicated by the red coloured snowskin on the outside with a layer of edible gold foil sitting on the top of the mooncake. This delicate and stunning piece of masterpiece is embellished with a 24ct gold leaf, filled with Red Balloon Tea infused nashi pear mousseline and a refreshing and crunchy blueberry marmalade white chocolate heart in the middle.

One of my little red Dragon survived the long journey home but I accidentally swing my paper bag while walking and the 24ct gold stuck flat on the plastic cover. Well, it's ok; since it's an edible gold foil; we licked the cover clean. Muahah!

Sorry for the bad quality picture below, but the mooncake is so delicate as it's made from soft mousse that it look a bit of a disaster when I cut it. But do ignore the look of it after you cut the delicate mooncake because the taste is absolutely delicious that you might want to lick those crumbs which stuck on your fingers. It has a very soft skin and filling which do not make you feel bloated like the ordinary lotus paste fillings do. I even got feedback from my eating partners that it taste as if they are eating an ice-cream mooncake! And I do love the authentic blueberry filling in the middle - they are not flavouring but pure blueberry compote encased in a white chocolate ball. It's heavenly!

With the violet theme leading the Mid Autumn season, we must not missed the fun and laughter leading to towards the festive day but to celebrate it throughout the weeks to come. This Celebration snowskin mooncake is crowned with a splendid purple snowskin, filled with a dainty chestnut mousse infused with Autumn Celebration Tea around a mango marmalade white chocolate heart.

The mango marmalade in the middle is a bit sourish and matches the overall taste and the oumpph texture of the chestnut mousse. You gotta try it for yourself!

Do you love TWG's signature Black Tea? This stunning Illumination mooncake is made to satisfy its loyal tea lovers. This exquisite black snowskin mooncake comes with a light nutty praline infused with the signature TWG 1837 Black Tea and an oriental burst of glowing orange marmalade in a white chocolate heart.

I tried cutting one of my Illumination mooncake into half to showcase the golden treasure enclosed inside this black beauty. This is one of my preferred flavour too and surprisingly that the orange marmalade paired well with the praline filling.

This satin white snowskin mooncake comes with a smooth dark chocolate mousse which is infused with fruit and flowery notes of TWG 1837 White Tea, with a heart of tangy blackcurrent marmalade enclosed in a white chocolate ball in the middle. I'm loving the dark chocolate mousse filling which is not too sweet and the tangy blackcurrent marmalde gives a kick to the chocolate mousse. Chocolate lovers must not missed this and you'll come back for more!

This is one of my must-have mooncake every year during Mid Autumn celebration; the exquisite TWG Snowskin mooncakes. Do note that TWG snowskin mooncakes can only last for 3 days in the fridge and it will turn bad after that even though it's sitting in your fridge. I tried to keep them in the freezer and it's still ok on the 5th day. Do not keep longer than that (even though it's in the freezer) or you'll be wasting a nice piece of mooncake to savour. I did that last year (6th day) and end up sending the one last piece to the bin.

My last box of TWG mooncake for this year and need to wait another 365 days till my next TWG mooncake ;(

Happy Mid Autumn 2015!

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