Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Han Room Restaurant, The Gardens Mall

The Han Room Restaurant which is located at The Gardens Shopping Mall had recently relocated to the Third Floor of the mall from its previous Ground Floor location. It is currently located right next to Borders Bookstore as well as opposite Fong Lye Restaurant and Sushi Zanmai.

Was there with my pig few days back for dinner and it's our first time dining at its new location. As usual, it has the wow factor of a banquet Chinese restaurant with properly folded napkins, elegant chopsticks with the restaurant name carved on it as well as the courteous servers at your service.

Not sure about the size of its new location compared to its old one; but its new location do caters to birthday or wedding banquet judging from the stage area as well as a three-tier cake replica displayed. It also has many private VIP rooms for more private and quiet dining session. 

All the must-have for a Chinese dinner - minced garlic, chopped chili and soya sauce.

We started off our meal with a Yin Yang Vegetables Soup (RM20 per pax) where half spinach and half corn soup formed the Yin and Yang symbol on a bowl. I quite like the soup where it's well seasoned and you can taste the chunks of crunchy corn and spinach. This is a Chinese style starchy based soup where you need to drink it while it's still hot. If you're sharing your dishes with your dining partner, do consider order one or two pax portion to share. For us, we ordered 1 pax portion at  RM20 and we got this big bowl of soup (pic below) to share. Luckily for us; we did not ordered 2 pax portion which we initially thought was a tiny bowl of soup which is the reason they put a per pax price.

After browsing through their long pages of menu, we ended up with 3 main dishes to accompany our white rice. We had this Smoked Farmed Chicken (RM45 for half chicken) and it is known as 烟 口 水 鸡 in Chinese. According to the waiter, the colour and texture of the sauce resembles saliva and hence in Chinese it's called 口 水 鸡 where 口 水 means saliva. I love the yellowish-white sauce and the smoked chicken is rich in flavour. It does resembles a bit like the salted chicken taste due to the high amount of saltiness in it. 

I was quite excited about the Thousand-layered Bean Curd (RM33) when I browsed through the menu. It consists of thin slices of silky and smooth bean curd resulting from a highly skilled chef's knife skills. The thin slices of silky bean curd is arranged beautifully on the plate which is regarded as a piece of art. The bean curd is silky and smooth but I think the sauce could be better as I would like to have more sauce to accompany the bean curd.

For the greens, we had Stir-fried Hong Kong Kailan in Two Styles (RM28) where the leafy greens are chopped and deep-fried to crispy like chips state and the green stems are stir-fried with minimal sauce. 

We were supposed to have an appetizer dish but was only told it was unavailable halfway though our meal. We then ordered a sweet-ending to replace the appetizer dish. For dessert, we had Chilled Snow Pear & Seaweed Ball in Teapot (RM18). The presentation was quite amusing with a porcelain teapot sitting on a bowl filled with dry ice and hence the lovely mist spurting out. The tiny teacups comes with a little fish in it - it's part of the cups not an additional prop into this dish.   

All you need to do is to pour the dessert drink into the tiny teacups and then enjoy your dessert - voila! It does looks as if the fish is swimming in the teacups when your drink is sitting in it.

If you're ordering White Rice, it's priced at RM2 per bowl and do present The Gardens Card if you have when paying your bill because you'll get 10% off the bill with the card.

Service charge of 10% and GST of 6% applies.

The Han Room is under the same umbrella as The Oriental Group of Restaurants. Do check out their FB page for more on their latest promotions.

The Han Room
Lot T-216A, 3rd Floor, 
The Gardens Mall
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra  59200,
Kuala Lumpur.

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