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CNY 2016: Fortune Salmon Yee Sang at Sakae Sushi Malaysia

Celebrate the brand new Monkey Lunar Year with a modern Japanese twist to it. Instead of the traditional dish-by-dish courses meal, surprise your whole family and friends by bringing them for a feast at your nearest Sakae Sushi outlet.

This exciting 2016 Lunar New Year, Sakae Sushi Malaysia once again brings you its all-time Malaysian favourite Fortune Salmon Yee Sang. Thanks to Sidney Kan and Sakae Sushi Malaysia, I managed to sample their new Chinese New Year 2016 menu at their menu launch which is held at their 1Utama outlet recently. Now, wish to know why their yee sang received thumbs up from its customers who craved for them every year? Yew June, Sakae Sushi Malaysia's General Manager of Marketing shares their winning recipe to their success:

"Year after year, our Fortune Yee Sang remains an all-time favourite among Malaysians and it's easy to tell why. Compared to traditional dishes, it offers an exquisite healthier alternative prepared by our chefs using only the freshest ingredients. Another unique point is the refreshing citrus-infused sauce that is poured over the Yee Sang, which lends it an additional flavoursome edge."

Sakae Sushi Malaysia's Salmon Yee Sang has a refreshing taste to it where you get to taste the crunchiness of fresh vegetables in every bite. Unlike the traditional yee sang which uses over-sweetened pickled vegetables and coloured longitudinal crackers, Sakae Sushi Malaysia's Fortune Salmon Yee Sang only uses luscious and fresh air-flown Norway Salmon and is accompanied with a variety of authentic Japanese ingredients such as seasoned jellyfish, Mekabu seaweed, freshly shredded radish and carrots among others. It is then topped with a unique and appetizing citrus-infused sauce rather than the traditional plum sauce to fully bring out the flavours of the yee sang.

This Fortune Salmon Yee Sang is available in two sizes which are 'Success' and 'Money'. The 'Success' is priced at RM29.98nett (serves 2-3pax) while the 'Money' is priced at RM56.98nett (serves 6-8pax). It is available for both dine-in and take-away. And when you do take-away this yee sang, it is packed in a lovely gift box where you can straight away toss the yee sang when you open the box. The yee sang is placed and packed in a round-shaped plastic container which also serves as a plate to toss your yee sang. It serves as a great gift during the festive and at the same time - providing convenience to your loved ones.

Tossing yee sang in a Japanese restaurant has its own advantage too because your salmon on the yee sang is guaranteed to be fresh due to the fact that fresh salmon is one of its main ingredients which they used in their kitchen for daily operations. Besides that, you can also add-on your all-time favourite Japanese ingredients such as extra Salmon Sashimi (RM12.99nett), Seasoned Scallop (RM6.99nett), Jellyfish (RM6.99nett) and Mekabu Seaweed (RM4.99nett) to the yee sang for an extra kick.

We added extra Salmon Sashimi and Seasoned Scallop to our Money Fortune Salmon Yee Sang. The Yee Sang is that good and we wanted for more after every bite. It's like eating a flavourful yet healthy salad with awesome texture. If you inspect the picture below closely, we requested a ball of wasabi to accompany our yee sang. And the chef at Sakae Sushi crafted a beautiful pineapple shaped wasabi for us.

Well, having yee sang alone as a meal alone is not enough to satisfy your tummy. On a normal occasion, you'll order other items on their menu to complete your meal. This brand new year, Sakae Sushi Malaysia wishes you to have a satisfying meal a an affordable price when you're dining with them. Thus, this Happiness Treasures Combo is introduced to provide a fun-filled, quality and value for money dining experience to its customers.

Priced at RM98nett (serves 6pax), it comes with a Money Fortune Salmon Yee Sang as well as a mouth-watering sushi set. This sushi set consists of Sakae's signature sushi which are Hana Maki, California Hoso Maki, Salmon Sushi, Tamago Sushi, Soft Shell Crab Maki, Kani Salad Inari, Mini Ibi Tempura Sushi, Kappa Maki and Kani Maki. If you're already planning to have the Money Fortune Salmon Yee Sang, just add another RM41.02nett and you can enjoy all these scrumptious sushi in one go. Yum Yum!

If you're not into raw sashimi and prefer some fried stuff, there's another special set which caters for you. Sakae Sushi Malaysia had crafted the Golden Abundance Set for those who loved some tangy yet crunchy texture of food. This Golden Abundance Set is priced at RM49.90nett and consist of the five signature golden offerings which are Soft Shell Crab, Mini Ibi Tempura, Itoyoridai Katsu, Fried Hotate and Tempura Kani. It is served along with a spicy mayonnaise sauce to balance out your palate.

When you're dining at Sakae Sushi Malaysia this festive season, be sure to order some of their signature dishes too. A fish dish is a must-have in all our Chinese New Year meal because it symbolises the surplus of prosperity that we have every year and is associated with this Chinese sayings of  年年有鱼. You too can enjoy some dishes which are associated with this sayings at Sakae Sushi Malaysia because they offers plenty of 'fish' dishes. Being a reputable Japanese restaurant, they served many signature salmon fish dishes. For a modern twist to your brand new year, have some salmon dishes too during this festive season.

For a perfect combination of salmon and cheese in one bite, the Salmon Cheese Roll is a great choice. Priced at RM16.99nett, it comes with 4pcs of heavenly combined elements. The fresh salmon sashimi is wrapped with a thin crepe together with equal sizes of cucumber, tamago (Japanese omelette) as well as crabstick. It is then topped with a slice of creamy torched cheese and sufficient amount of spicy mayonnaise. The fresh salmon sashimi goes great with the cheese and spicy mayonnaise while the cucumber, egg and crabstick balance out the strong fishy and creamy taste of the other two elements as well as brings some crunchy texture to your palate.

Not a fan of raw food? There's always dishes cater to you at Sakae Sushi Malaysia. The Salmon Kabuto Nabe is a hearty Japanese hotpot which comes with fried succulent Salmon head, assorted mushrooms and vegetables in some flavoursome broth. This awesome dish is priced at RM19.99nett and its rich soup will amaze you. Don't judge the dish by its 'salmon head' as one of the ingredients because there's more salmon meat that you can imagine in this soup. Unlike the usual fish head soup which you had experienced before, you'll be guaranteed that there's a high ratio of salmon fish meat in the soup to its empty bony fish head. From the hotpot which we had, there's like at least 4 huge pieces of salmon fish meat in it. It's a great deal and I'll come back for more!

Another signature salmon dish that you need to try is the Salmon Mentaiyaki where its meaty salmon is grilled to perfection and topped with torched cod fish roe. I love the cod fish roe because it's rich in 'sea flavour' and has a strong savory and cheese taste to it. It is priced at RM18.99nett and don't forget the grilled salmon skin which comes with it.

If you love their cod fish roe, be sure to try the Hotate Mentaiyaki dish where the giant half shelled scallops is grilled and top with my favourite topping - the torched cod fish roe. Probably because it's being torched that the fish roe is semi melted and 'cooked' which brings out the awesomeness of it. It is priced at RM10.99 and comes with two giant half shelled scallops.

 I always end my meal with a sweet endings and we had the Karinto Manjyu with Matcha Ice-cream (RM11.99nett) as a dessert. This is a Japanese dessert where it comes with a Japanese cake filled with red beans and a generous scope of real Matcha ice-cream. I think I enjoyed the Matcha ice-cream more than the Japanese cake because I prefer a more airy cake. Overall, it's good :)

During this auspicious festive season, Sakae Sushi Malaysia also introduces an all-new Prosperity Giveaway where you could with great prizes by dining at any of their outlets. It's that simple, from now till 29 February 2016, just spend a minimum of RM80 in a single receipt and you will receive some exclusive designed angpows (red packets), a piece of RM8 prosperity voucher and a piece of Prosperity Gift Card. Now, this is the exciting part, this Prosperity Gift Card is a scratch-and-win card where you need to scratch this card to see the prizes that you've won. Among the prizes which you can win are free food vouchers, Sakae cash vouchers as well as the limited edition 2016 Fortune Rong Rong & Lucky Mon Mon plush toys set. Rong Rong is the Sakae frog in God of Prosperity costume while Mon Mon is the monkey wearing Lion dance inspired head gear. They are super cute and cuddly and is a perfect gift for children as well as your loved ones. However, if you love them so much that you can't wait for the Prosperity Gift Card, you can also walked-in to purchase them over the counter. A pair of this limited edition soft toys is priced at around RM40+. For more info, do go to your nearest Sakae Sushi outlet today.

Not only that, Sakae Sushi Malaysia is also running a contest on their Facebook page where all you need to do is go to your nearest Sakae Sushi outlet and snap your most creative pose with its 'Toss to Prosperity' Yee Sang standee located at their outlet's entrance.

Then, upload your creative pose picture to its Facebook contest post under the comment section. Voila. You can stand a chance to win attractive cash prizes (RM888 or RM688 or RM388), the limited edition Fortune Rong Rong & Lucky Mon Mon as well as Sakae CNY hampers worth RM188 from Sakae Sushi Malaysia. Contests ends 29 February 2016. Waits no more! Hurry up and join the bandwagon today.

For more info, do visit your nearest Sakae Sushi Malaysia outlets and do follow Sakae Sushi Malaysia Facebook page to keep up with their latest offerings, promotions and contests.

Prices as shown in this post is inclusive of 6% GST and is subject to prevailing service charge.

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