Wednesday, July 13, 2016

OSIM uLove launch Event

Osim Malaysia has recently launched its brand new massage chair which is guaranteed to capture your heart and become part your daily necessities items ( I proudly say yes to it!).

Introducing its latest technologically and brilliantly designed massage chair named OSIM uLove; your brand new prince charming at home. This massage chair is intelligent and highly intuitive that you can bid farewell to your body aches. 

For me, I’m not a fan of massage chairs myself because somehow or rather, it didn’t massage through the key points which I wanted it to be -  I tried them at those massage chair machine available at malls for a dollar or two. I usually prefer going to a spa or massage boutique shop for a relaxing moment because the pressure exerted can be varies (balanced). However, after trying this OSIM uLove, it changed my mind about massage chairs and that it can provide a pretty relaxing moment too. 

OSIM had a roadshow to unveil its OSIM uLove at 1 Utama Concourse Level recently and I grabbed this opportunity to try its brand new innovation. As part of its launch, guests experienced a 30 minutes relaxing moment on its brand new OSIM uLove. 

The event setup was pretty amazing! We were ushered into an area of darkness after given a hot towel to refresh our face and wipe our hands – it feels like you’re in a real spa centre. And there were the brand new OSIM uLove gracefully welcoming us to sit on it J. Covered my eyes with the eye masks given and put myself on it. The sofa backing is so comfortable that it fits my body well and placed my legs on the compartment too. And here we go with the start button!

Complete full body massage
This OSIM uLove works its magic from my head down to my butt as well as on my legs! It’s a pretty complete version of massage chair available in town. Well, I would say that it feels like I was having a massage at a spa centre when I’m on this OSIM uLove massage chair.

V-Hand with Roller Balls which resemble hand of a real masseuse
This is because the OSIM uLove comes with an innovative and clever V-Hand with 720 Roller Balls that resembles the hand-grip of a professional masseuse – which can relive deep seated knots as well as those along the odd contours of your body. This clever V-Hand works its magic on my head, neck and shoulder well that I almost fall asleep [I tried hard not to ;)]. And the best part, this super Roller Balls can rotate 360 in both horizontal and vertical directions to intimately roll along every part of the body.
Butt Cuddle
One thing I love about this OSIM uLove is that its massage track is extended to your butt too! You can’t get this butt massage on any other massage chair in town. This function is good for people like me who sits long hours in the office during working time. It relieves your body aches from sitting for prolong hours. You can select the ‘Butt Cuddle’ program on the massage control panel if you only want a butt pampering session or just click on their full body version as it does includes this butt massage session. This butt massage function is thanks to the detailed research of the OSIM team where they found that many people belief that they will have discomfort only if they are doing daily jobs which requires physical moment and strength. However, in reality; many of these aches are due to sitting on a chair all day during working hours because it takes a toll on the muscles in the glutes, lumbar (your back bone) and lower back.

Menu for the whole family
Besides this Butt Cuddle program, there are other programs designed to suit the needs of your whole family. If you’re looking for a complete pampering moment, choose the Full Body Relief one. Or if you’re in for a short one for your back bone, just pick the Lumbar Pamper. You’ll be sure to find one which suits you – it sounds like you’re in a spa centre picking either full or half body massage right? Hehe.

Personal music therapy
Another interesting thing to note is that you will listen to a soothing music throughout your massage session. Best part, other users around you can’t actually hear what you’re listening to. Haha. I thought it was the music aired in the area  - didn’t thought that it’s personalized to the user of the massage chair. This audio system creates an intimate cocoon to allow you to enter into a deep state of mental relaxation.

Other features
Other additional features on this brand new OSIM uLove includes the airbag massage on the arms, a self heating function to deliver soothing warmth on the entire back, calves, ankles and feet. Pretty amazing right?

This OSIM uLove is available in a few colours to suit different preferences. You can choose from a Dreamy White colour which is easily matched to the colour scheme in your home, a Gorgeous Teal for a soothing appeal, Handsome Brown for an additional touch of warm and a Dashing Copper for a contemporary look! Check out how this OSIM uLove fits into your home below. 

And guess who's the brand new OSIM uLove ambassador? It's no other than the celebrity cum beauty queen Fan Bing Bing. That's the tagline, 白马王子 comes into picture. It means your price charming and this OSIM uLove is our beauty queen's prince charming! So, have you found your prince charming yet?

The OSIM ULove is priced at RM16,888 and is available at all OSIM outlets in Malaysia. And as part of its Introductory Promotion, you can purchase it at only RM15,388 and get a FREE uMask Eye Massager worth RM118 – 0% Installment Plan up to 36 months is also available!

This OSIM uLove is a superb companion in every home!

For more info on this brand new OSIM uLove, visit OSIM Malaysia's Facebook page today. 

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