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Fukusu Sushi, Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara

Fukusu Sushi is a humble sushi restaurant serving affordable and delicious Japanese delicacy located at Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. Instead of dining at those popular sushi joint in the malls where you might need to queue for some time to get a seat, do drop by Fukusu Sushi for a change. 

You might be wondering where is this shop located - the same goes for me where I almost got lost locating the shop for the first time.  It is quite easy to navigate to Fukusu Sushi, it's at the 2nd row of shop lot right next to the Neighbourhood Food Court shop lots area or if you know where is the Batu Road Chilli Pan Mee at Dataran Sunway; Fukusu Sushi is located a few shops away from this infamous Pan Mee shop. 

The interior of Fukusu Sushi provides you with a homey yet relaxing atmosphere for a casual Japanese dining experience. Leave your uptight feeling behind - in which you might experience when walking into a renowned or semi-fine dining  Japanese restaurant. The white table and chairs set up in Fukusu Sushi gives a clean and neat impression at your first step. 

The menu at Fukusu Sushi is quite extensive which includes the individual sushi pieces, handrolls, maki rolls, sashimi to hot food such as noodles, rice, teppanyaki, hot pot and so on. And the best part? These delicious food goes light on your pocket that you can come back for more! 

Thanks to Jolie and the team at Fukusu Sushi, I was invited to sample the delicious Japanese food at Fukusu Sushi! Adding one more sushi joint in my list :)

Sushi or sashimi is a must-have when you're dining in a restaurant serving Japanese cuisine. As for me, I love Salmon a lot compared to other raw-protein on the usual sashimi list (raw tuna is a big no for me due to its smell and taste). This Salmon Zukushi Set (RM21.90) is the perfect platter for me because it's all about SALMON. The entire platter itself is very Instagram-worthy; thus do play a bit with your camera before feeding it into your stomach. It consist of Salmon Maki, Salmon Sashimi, Smoked Salmon Sushi and Salmon Mentai Sushi. The Salmon used is very fresh and comes in a generous cut portion. There's a 15pcs of delicate salmon themed sushi on a plate for your to enjoy - and I would recommended to order this platter on a sharing basis to keep some stomach space for other dishes to come. Or just hop to Fukusu Sushi and order this Salmon Set to yourself :)

Next, it's about time for the sushi rolls to take its place on the table. We picked the top two most popular sushi rolls here at Fukusu Sushi. The first one is the Golden SSC Maki (RM15.90) which is actually a Mango Roll Sushi (in our common language when ordering sushi). This is a perfect sushi for mango lovers where the team at Fukusu Sushi hand-picked the best mango available to pair it on the little morsels. The sweet with a hint of sourish taste gives a refreshing feeling with it is eaten together with the sushi rice and the best of the sea as its filling.

I love this Dragon Roll Maki (RM11.90) even more because it's sushi with my favourite - avocado! Everything goes well with avocado especially the Japanese sushi rice. The perfectly ripe avocado is gently placed on top of a maki sushi filled with fried prawns and its condiments. Remember not to remove the little dot of mayonnaise placed on top of the avocado - it taste better with the mayonnaise. It kinda serves as a palate blending agent between the avocado and the sushi rice. Yum!

Besides the selection of sushi, you can also order some fried fritters as your sides. We had this Soft Shell Crab (RM13.90). You will be served with two generous pieces of fried soft shell crabs along with its savoury dipping sauce. It serves as a great snacking dish where the soft shell crab is dipped fried to a semi crunchy state where you can still taste its natural salty  taste in your mouth.

If you're not into soft shell crab, you can order the Ebi Tempura (RM15.90) which is a deep fried prawns coated with the tempura styled batter. Nothing can go wrong with an Ebi Tempura, thus it's a must have on your table.

We also picked this Salmon Kabuto Teriyaki (RM15.90) which is a grilled salmon fish head with teriyaki sauce. Do not judge the salmon fish head from its look - it actually comes with quite a lot of salmon flesh behind the head. Grilled perfectly and goes great with the in-house teriyaki sauce.

Another highlight of our meal is this Chicken Sukiyaki (RM19.90) which is a mini chicken hotpot or steamboat where it comes with a bowl of chicken soup alongside its pairing vegetables, mushrooms, beancurd, an egg and of course the chicken meat.

All you need to do is pour the raw egg into the hot pot and turn on the fire.

When all the ingredients are cooked, it's ready to be consumed! The soup taste great with a hint of sweet taste and the vegetables taste even better too. You may order an extra a bowl of rice to pair it with.

If rice is a must-have dish on your table, do try its Garlic Fried Rice (RM16.90). As the sayings goes, nothing can go wrong with a plate of fried rice and its Garlic Fried Rice comes with its main ingredients - fried garlic, eggs and green onions. It's a perfect pairing with the Chicken Sukiyaki!

And don't forget to have a try on their selection of Ramen too. The KaisenKimichi Ramen (RM22.90) is one of the ramen selection available. What's in the bowl? It's delicious Ramen served with prawns, Japanese fish cakes, little squids, a clam and half Japanese styled egg called nitamago (where the egg yolk is half cooked). And the soup is a kimchi based one but not a strong kimchi based which over-powering the entire dish. Do give it a try.

There's still many other choices of food available on its menu. The dishes at Fukusu Sushi are sold at an affordable price given the generous portion of its food. Do drop by its shop to try it on your own. 

For more info on Fukusu Sushi's latest news and promotions, follow their Facebook page at Fukusu Sushi - Kota Damansara. 

Fukusu Sushi 
No.5-1, Jalan PJU5/4, 
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara
47810, Petaling Jaya, 

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