Saturday, January 16, 2016

CNY 2016 at Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Chinese New Year is less than a month away and it's the time of the year that we indulge in those supreme and memorable dishes which is served in either 8 or 9 or more course-dinner.

Dynasty Restaurant in Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel recently launched their Auspicious Chinese New Year Feast to usher the upcoming new year; the Year of the Fire Monkey.

Dynasty Restaurant is a non-halal Chinese restaurant which conveniently located inside Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel. You can enjoy authentic Chinese Cuisine with your loved ones in an elegant yet comfortable environment with a 5-star service at your need.

I am impressed with their table setting as well as the dinnerware used to serve your meal. From the little saucer, side plates, plates, serving bowl to teapot; it features a dancing maiden with some clouds motif. It makes you felt as if you're dining in a floating palace and the maiden on the plates are presenting the dish to you :P

 The Executive Sous Chef Kok Chee Kin and his team of talented chefs crafted some special yet authentic Cantonese cuisine dishes which focus on the use of traditional ingredients while emphasizing on light and fresh flavors for healthy feasting.

Looking through their menu, I would say that their fabulous Chinese New Year set menu caters for the many people. This is because Chef Kin is very thoughtful that he created 7 festive set menu suitable for people dining in groups of 2, 5, 6 and 10.

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Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel CNY 2016 festive menu: 
 The 7-course Double Happiness Set is priced at RM428nett for 2 persons. 

The 7-course Prosperity Treasure Sets are priced at RM838nett and RM1,088nett for 5 persons come with Salmon Yee Sang and a Prosperity Pot.

The special 8-course Chinese New Year Set for 6 persons is priced at RM988nett. 

The lavish 9-course set menus of  Happiness Set (RM1,598nett), Fortune Set (RM1,988nett) and Longevity Set (RM2,888nett) is for dining group of 10 persons.

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It is very rare for a restaurant to have a CNY set for 2pax as pig and I had always wanted to enjoy a special CNY menu together but most restaurants only have set for 8 or 10pax. Now, you too can enjoy a special CNY date with your partner at Dynasty Restaurant! Not to forget that this year's Valentine's Day falls during the CNY week and thus another reason to have a Chinese banquet to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Presenting to you some of the highlighted dishes at Dynasty Restaurant this CNY 2016. Sampled them during their Chinese New Year menu launch last week thanks to Sidney Kan and Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel.  

 The ultimate starter of every new year's celebration meal; the yee sang and here at Dynasty Restaurant, they have the healthy yet delicious version; Fruity Fiesta Yee Sang. Fruit lovers will be delighted to see chucks of white dragon fruit, strawberry, papaya and honeydew on the yee sang. These fruits balanced out sweet and savory compartments of it. Yum!

 Now, this is the real starting point to your CNY feast; the Fortune Combination Platter or what we known it as 'lang poon' in Cantonese. Chef Kin crafted 4 types of delicious yet beautifully looking treasures. In the white nest, it is the stir-fried asparagus with giant scallop. And then, there is the fortune money pockets, fried prawn rolls and salted egg & banana fritters.

I would say that this dish is visually presented and resembled a peacock's tail where the white nest is the body and the other 3 combinations arranged in an orderly designed tail :) A dish which is delicious on the outside and inside!

Warm up your heart with a bowl of Ocean Treasure Soup with Crabmeat. You'll be munching enoki mushroom, little chunks of sea cucumber, scallops and of course, crabmeat.

Their Braised Pork Knuckle, Fresh Mushroom & Sea Cucumber is quite a memorable dish. Flavorful, rich and satisfying! If you don't like the fat part like me; just put them aside as there's a huge chuck of delicious pork meat hiding underneath. As for the sea cucumber, I prefer them to be cooked longer so that it is fully infused with the broth/sauce - just a personal preference as I cooked them that way at home.

Feeling a bit on the heavy side? Munch on these Stir-Fried Hong Kong Kai Lan with Wild Mushroom. They do a good job in balancing your palate.

Every Chinese New Year feast is not complete without a prawn dish because it symbolizes 'laughter' aka happiness all year round. I love the gravy of this Grilled Prawns in Spicy Sauce & Green Chili because it taste almost similar (70% I would say) to the one my late-grandma used to cook  - our weekly crab dish during my younger days. The sauce is good to go with your rice ~ if you're having one but it will be great if fresher prawns are used.

The Sun-dried Oyster, Fatt Choy, Flower Mushroom and Pork Meat is great to balance out your heavy meal. The oysters used in this dish are rich in taste - a bit bigger compared to the one at home in terms of size and I'm sure your superiors in the family will praised them and - you of course for bringing them to a lavish dinner. hehe.

If you're dining here at Dynasty Restaurant, be sure to order their Hong Kong style clay pot waxed meat rice! It is that GOOD! The rice is cooked to perfection - at the right texture and moisture. Waxed meat (waxed duck's drumstick, liver sausage and Chinese pork sausage) are superb and compliments the rice well. Can't stop munching on this one.

      I'm sure you're drooling with the pot of claypot waxed meat rice below. Here's a good news to share. You can enjoy this delicious dish at Dynasty Restaurant for only RM39nett per person (minimum order is for 2 person). There's 2 types of claypot rice available which is the current one;
Hong Kong Style Clay Pot Waxed Meat Rice ( 腊味煲仔饭)
and the 
Clay Pot Rice, Spare Ribs and Chinese Sausages ( 腊肠排骨煲仔饭).

All their festive sets menu ends with a Fortune Pastries dish. I love their own-made Chinese Sticky Rice Cake or also known as nian gao where it is coated with desiccated coconut. It is soft yet chewy and easily manageable in your mouth. If nian gao is not your thing, pick up one of those fruit tarts instead while others enjoyed theirs. An East and West dessert on a plate - satisfaction for all ages. 

Overall, it was a great CNY feast at Dynasty Restaurant. And you should try them all. Their CNY 2016 menu is available from now till 22 February 2016. Make your reservations today by dialing 03-2716 9388 or drop an email at: to secure your table. You can also make an online reservations at .

Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel
Corner of Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Ampang,
50450, Kuala Lumpur.