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Vegetarian Yee Sang from Hui Lau Shan Malaysia Chinese New Year Menu 2016

Hui Lau Shan Malaysia; the infamous dessert shop which hailed from Hong Kong had recently launched a new Chinese New Year Menu 2016 to usher the lunar Monkey Year. This dessert shop is famed for its wide variety of desserts especially the mango desserts.

This Chinese New Year 2016, Hui Lau Shan Malaysia is proud to present its very own version of Yee Sang which are Prosperity Lou Sang and Cheerful Lou Sang. And the best part; the Cheerful Lou Sang is a vegetarian version of yee sang that is suitable for vegetarian as well as health-conscious people. Hui Lau Shan Malaysia is that thoughtful to cater to your needs :)

Thanks to Hui Lau Shan Malaysia, I was there to witness their new Chinese New Year Menu launch at their brand new outlet in Setapak Central Mall. The famous artiste Juztin Lan (劉界輝) is the spokesperson or brand ambassador of the brand new prosperous menu.  

The direction of Hui Lau Shan Malaysia for the year 2016 is healthy and leisure where they want to ensure that the food sold by its brand is healthy to its customers as well as providing a comfortable place for all walks of people to relax and catch up with each other. Thus, they had renovation plans in the pipe line to improve the interior design of all their outlets. The one currently located in Setapak Central Mall is their latest renovated outlets.

As mentioned by Hui Lau Shan Southeast Asia General Manager Mr. Pan Vui Shang,  
"We chose soothing color combination and added in sofas and bar seats to create a relaxing environment for our diners. We have a series of renovation plan down the pipeline. Currently we have started works on our 1 Utama's outlet and it will be ready before Chinese New Year. Hopefully the change will bring in some freshness for our customers,".

I love their healthy yet stylish outlets direction because bring a dessert lover like me; dessert is a must to end a great meal or perhaps end the day and looking for a healthy dessert is a tremendous task as it's not an easy one. With the Hui Lau Shan's healthy yet delicious desserts, you can enjoy your sweet-endings without regretting it later on. 

From its health, freshness, uniqueness and creativity principles which they strictly upholds to, they launched a new vegetarian yee sang which is called as 'Cheerful Lou Sang'. Priced at RM21.80nett for a regular size (serves 1-2 pax) and RM27.80nett for a large size (serves 3-4 pax), it is made up of purely vegetables and fruits which makes it suitable for vegetarians. This vegetarian yee sang consist of Hui Lau Shan's signature mangoes, red and green apples, pears, strawberries, watermelons, cantaloupes, honeydews, guavas, shredded carrots and turnips, pomelos, seeds such as sunflower seeds and others. It is then topped with crispy crackers and their special passion fruit sauce to tantalize your taste buds. 

Looking at its ingredients, it's like a fruity, fresh and modern version of traditional yee sang which health conscious people will fall in love with. And they also sell a regular portion which serves 1 to 2 pax is suitable for a Valentine's Day lou sang session with your loved ones. Do impressed your partners with a low calorie yet delicious yee sang or you can call it a salad. :) 

 For those who prefer a more traditional type of yee sang, go for their Prosperity Yee Sang which comes with a classic plum sauce. It is priced at RM20.80nett for a regular size (serves 1-2 pax) and at RM26.80nett for a large size (serves 3-4 pax).

Artiste Juztin Lau, Mr.Pan Vui Shang and MyFM DJ Joe Chang initiated the lou sang session by tossing the fruity Cheerful Lou Sang. 

Hui Lau Shan Malaysia also offers some iconic Chinese delicacies which are the Prosperity Hong Kong Signature New Year Cake and the Prosperity Hong Kong Signature Radish Cake. This year, they had improved the packaging for these two delicacies that makes it look presentable as a New Year gift to your relatives or friends. Best part, they contains no preservatives which is in line with their company's direction of providing healthy food to its customers. Thus, its shelf life is only about 10days and must be kept in the fridge. 

The Prosperity Hong Kong Signature New Year Cake is originated from a homemade Nian Gao recipe that uses specially chosen cane sugar and natural brown sugar. It is priced at RM22.80nett (1KG) and it tasted good with its not too sweet yet a bit of chewy texture. 

The Prosperity Hong Kong Signature Radish Cake from Hui Lau Shan Malaysia uses only top grade dried shrimps and mushrooms which gives it a fragrant and rich umami taste. I do love radish cake especially my maid used to make in the past when she's still around. It was soft due to the high ratio of white radish to flour in it. The one here in Hui Lau Shan tasted almost similar to it. Thus, they are really generous with its ingredients that I can still see the dried shrimps and mushrooms in it. This scrumptious Chinese version of a cake is priced at RM28.80nett (800grams). 

Here's another good news to share; from now till 31 January 2016, spend a minimum of RM18 at any Hui Lau Shan dessert shop in Malaysia and you will received some specially designed Hui Lau Shan red packets - these red packets comes with a RM8 lucky voucher too. More savings for all of us!

And not to forget that guest artiste Juztin Lan was there as the spokesperson during the launch event. And to Juztin's fans, here's a great tips for you - he has a sweet tooth! Here is his view about his love for Hui Lau Shan dessert. )

"I tried Hui Lau Shan's best-seller when I was in Hong Kong and was totally sold. I was elated when I heard they were coming to Malaysia, now I can enjoy their delicious desserts without traveling far. Other than that, they also introduced many new desserts to fulfil the needs of the local crows such as Tong Sui and Durian Pancake," Juztin Lan said.

And do visit Hui Lau Shan outlets more frequently, you might bump into your idol here. hehe :P

And of course, must take a picture when you see an artiste in town!

And thanks Hui Lau Shan Southeast Asia General Manager, Mr. Pan Vui Shang for bringing Hui Lau Shan to Malaysia and also for providing a healthier dessert option for all the sweet tooth customers in Malaysia :)

Do visit Hui Lau Shan Malaysia's Facebook for more updates on their latest offerings or promotions.

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