Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Fabulous Food Discovery 2016: Lulu Nyonya Kueh, Sungei Wang Plaza

Sungei Wang Plaza, a shopping heaven for the many people which had been standing strong for the past 39 years in the golden triangle of Kuala Lumpur. The shopping places in the golden triangle have undergo many changes throughout the years; with addition of new shopping malls and retirement of once-popular malls.

Sungei Wang Plaza had survived through all the thick and thin with its surrounding neighbors in its shopping and tourist destination neighborhood. With such as long period of Sungei Wang Plaza's operation, you might have noticed the changes to its retail outlets throughout the years. Regardless of that, there are still some shops that grows through the good and bad times with Sungei Wang Plaza and is still in operation today. These shops had been calling Sungei Wang Plaza their home for more than 10 years. And I'm gonna introduce one of these shops in this post.

As part of the Fabulous Food Discovery 2016 campaign at Sungei Wang Plaza, we were invited to sample 10 food retail outlets in the malls. The first stop was at KopiClub and click here to read more about it.

Our second stop for the Fabulous Food Discovery 2016 journey was at Lulu Nyonya Kueh. From the distinctive name of the shop itself, you can already figured out that they sells traditional and authentic nyonya kuih-muih. Indeed, Lulu Nyonya Kueh was founded in the early 90's and was fully incorporated in year 2002.

Lulu Nyonya Kueh has been in operation for the past 15 years at Sungei Wang Plaza and had brought authentic, tasty and variety of nyonya kuihs to all its customers. Till today, there are many shoppers who will stop by the mall just to purchase their handcrafted delicacies. The humble Lulu Nyonya Kueh operates on kiosk which resembles the traditional push-carts in the olden days. It is quite easy to locate its kiosk whereby it's located on the Concourse level of Sungei Wang Plaza - just right beside the main stage in the mall - look for it at the right side of the main stage and in front of the McDonalds.

Lulu Nyonya Kueh is proud of their local-favorite products which complies and obtained the MS 1514:2009 standard & ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System (Incorporating HACCP) of FSMS - in short, it's the ISO 22000. And Lulu Nyonya Kueh's products are Halal certified too. For more info about their achievements, click here to read more.

Lulu Nyonya Kueh operates from as early as 8.30am to cater to the working class around Sungei Wang Plaza. In the morning, you can drop by their kiosk to take away a packet of local favorite breakfast fare such as nasi lemak or fried noodles before clocking into your office.

Lulu Nyonya Kueh brings you delicious nyonya kuih with prices starting from RM1.10 onwards. And we managed to sample about 10 types of nyonya kuih in one go. Among all the nyonya kuih which I sampled, I love the Kuih Talam the most - fragrant pandan leaves smell (green part) with savory taste (the white part of the kuih) made of creamy coconut milk aka santan.

If you're having an office meeting, tea party or functions, you can also order some party set of nyonya kuih from Lulu Nyonya Kueh because they do provide such services at its outlet in Sungei Wang Plaza. One such nyonya kuih set is as the one below. Presentable and delicious yet affordable.

Besides the nyonya kuih, they also sell traditional festive biscuits such as pineapple tarts and kuih kapit aka love letters, kaya and other local tea-time favorite.

For more information on the products available at Lulu Nyonya Kueh, do visit their kiosk at Sungei Wang Plaza or visit their official website here.

For easier direction to their kiosk, do refer to the floor plan below. Lulu Nyonya Kueh is located right in front of McDonalds on the Concourse floor of Sungei Wang Plaza.

Floor Plan courtesy of Sungei Wang Plaza.

Lulu Nyonya Kueh
CLB7(A) - Concourse Level
Sungei Wang Plaza, 
Jalan Bukit Bintang, 
55100, Kuala Lumpur.

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