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Ramadhan 2016: Magical Ramadhan Nights at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside

This Ramadhan, bring your family and friends for a special buka puasa dinner overlooking a calming lakeside with serenity surrounding. This special Ramadhan buffet is held under an open air setting to resemble the atmosphere and joy of gathering in the countryside - the togetherness atmosphere back in nostalgic kampung setting. With giant woks and pots cooking under the firewood or fire pit, the smell of delicious curry lingers your nose while you laid back and enjoy your favorite delicacies under the twinkle little star. 

Missed this kind of atmosphere?

You can enjoy a unique break fast session under this nostalgic setting in Klang valley too. Just hop to Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside Hotel and indulge in their Ramadan Magical Nights buffet dinner. With its tagline 'Our World is Your Playround', you are invited to explore and be mesmerized with its offerings. 

This Ramadan Magical Nights by Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside Hotel features over 100 types of Malaysian and international dishes, as well as 7 forms of live entertainment each evening this Ramadan month.

Thanks to Sidney and the team at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside Hotel, I was invited to the Ramadan Magical Nights preview and sampled the mouth-watering dishes before it's officially launched. 

Upon my arrival at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside Hotel, I was amazed by its beautiful surrounding which has a calming effect - your mind will be reminding you that 'holiday is here'. This Ramadan Magical Nights takes place under a stunning open-air setting overlooking the Putrajaya lake and under the night of glazing stars too. If you're here early, you might catch the beautiful sunset view too. 

And there's this tall Clock Tower standing in the middle of the buffet venue which is also the centrepiece of this leading 5-star hotel in Putrajaya. And it's not just a simple Clock Tower but it broadcast the 'call to prayer' live from the third level of this structure. 

Do arrive early to get some snapshots or selfies with this Clock Tower as there's a huge difference in terms of environment setting before and after it gets dark. In the evening, when the sun is still shinning brightly; this beautiful clock tower resembles an overseas tower setting that friends of yours might thought that you're holidaying overseas. 

And when the night kicks in, this clock tower is lighted with neon lights; presenting another romantic environment to dine in with your loved ones. 

And this beautiful clock tower is surrounded by different tents offering a variety of culinary delights for you to break fast or even a togetherness dinner with your family and friends. You can't get this kind of amazing open-air setting with a night clock tower and a lakeside view anywhere else in Klang Valley! 

Now, we go to the food part which is the highlight of this buffet. There's a few tents; each carries a different food theme to fulfill your cravings and some even comes with live stations too. 

Coming from the hotel lobby with the clock tower in front of you, the must-have barbecue protein with its aromatic smell will attract you to the right side of the tent. This is where you can feast on the BBQ lamb and beef, local favorites such as Roti John and murtabak. 

I was quite amazed by this 'Big Fish' dish where you will meet a giant fish with a chewy and thick skin on the outside and juicy and tasty fish meat on the inside. That fish is really huge that you can't find it being presented to you in one piece at any other restaurant around town - not even home because its size can feed the entire village. 

You must not missed the Chinese food selection here in this tent. I would say that the dim sum served here is good when you compare with those served in other hotel's buffets. Their chicken char siew bao is great too that you might go for a round 2. And there's also some stir-fry seafood, chicken rice corner as well as steamed fish at this corner too. Do take you time and try them all but first, plan well what you would like to feast on first. 

After feasting on the right side of the tent, it's time to move on to the opposite side one. From a distance away, you can see that something is smoking at this area. It's because there's a live satay and barbecue seafood station here. We were mesmerized by the selection of seafood being put on the hot grill - just select your choice of seafood and the chef will even chopped those needed ones for you.

Other food choices served including the must-have ketupat, live Pasembur station where you can indulge in all the fried fritters, Rojak station, the Middle East delicacies - pita bread, hummus, tabbouleh and many more. 

Noodle lovers will be satisfied with the selection of noodle dishes available. There's a wide variety of condiments available to compliment your piping hot bowl of noodles. Be it the spicy laksa, curry mee or prawn noodles - you'll enjoy slurping them all-night-round.

Next, walk about 100m towards your left and you will see this striking black food truck parking at the compound of the building. This is the Italian food corner where you can grab a piece of pizza and have your pasta cooked it live in front of you. Pick your ingredients and the chef will cooked you an al-dente plate of perfect pasta. 

The traditional Malay cuisine corner surrounds the other side of this bold food truck. You will see huge 'kawah' or also known as giant works warming up some authentic must-have festive dishes here. Your rendang, gulai, biryani rice, curry and other dishes can be found in these huge kawah

Before you indulge in them, be sure to start off with some appetizers - the kerabu dishes, ulam-ulaman and salads. These savory, spicy and sourish dishes opens your appetite for your upcoming mains besides being a good source of fibers to balance up your big meal. 

And don't forget about the little soup and pastry corner behind the truck. Sometimes little corner are the hidden gems that you need to try. 

Don't forget about the fruits corner which is situated at the far end corner of the clock tower. This fruits corner is overlooking the Putrajaya lakeside. Yes, durian season is around the corner and thus, you'll be treated with the king of fruits as well as its partners in crime. The friendly staff will help you to open the durian and you can enjoy it right from its husk. Also available are local fruits which are in-season such as mangosteen, jackfruit, longan, bananas and red dragon fruit. Fruits are good for your health. 

The last but not least destination is the sweet endings. And guess that, they have a special dessert room which housed a large variety of those little sweet morsels. I can already smell the fruity sweet scent from the very first moment I stepped into the dessert room. I think the smell scent comes from a combination of caramel, chocolates and torched sugar. From the traditional Malay kuih-muih to modern day cakes & pies, Middle East's dessert collection - the Baklava and homemade turkish delights, a popcorn cart, chocolate fountain for dipping as well as the ice-kacang corner are presented. 

There's also a black grand piano sitting in the room which makes it being a great centerpiece due to the fact that it's being decorated with little bite size desserts. Great place for a selfie!

I love their chocolate brownies a lot that we went for second round of serving although our stomach were full - simply because it's great.  

There's also 7 types of live performances to entertain you while dining here. Be expect to see the fire eater, magical clown, traditional instrument performances and listen to live artist singing. It's really a magical moment that happens here when the sun sets. Thus, don't miss it!


This is place great; with a unique open-air environment, live performances to entertain you, dining with a view - the Putrajaya lakeside, a large variety of delicious festive food, wonderful dessert room and of course - a place for togetherness and feel the magical moment under the glazing night of stars. 


This Magical Ramadhan Nights is available from 7 June to 3 July 2016 is priced at RM169nett per Adult and RM130nett per child between 4-10 years old. And if you purchase any 10 tickets or more, you are entitled to a complimentary night stay in their Deluxe room. For more info, do call 03-8890000 ext 6812 or drop an e-mail to magicalramadhan@pullmanputrajaya.com

Do follow their Facebook page at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside or visit their main page for more updates on their latest news and promotions. 

Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside

No.2, Jalan P5/5, Presint 5
62200 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan.   

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