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Ramadhan 2016: Best Western I-City Shah Alam

If you're living around I-City, be sure to drop by Best Western I-City Shah Alam hotel to check out their Jom Beriftar Ramadhan Buffet. The Ramadhan Buffet is held at The View Cafe located on the 5th floor. 

There's an indoor and outdoor seating available to choose from. For those who love to dine under an al-fresco setting, its outdoor seating is perfect for you as you can enjoy your dinner overlooking the beautiful neon lighting and the outdoor themepark in I-City. 

Thanks for the team at Best Western I-City Shah Alam, my partner and I was invited to sample its scrumptious Ramadhan buffet during its media preview session. 

The Best Western I-City Shah Alam hotel is located inside the I-City park area and do remember to validate your parking ticket with the hotel's concierge before getting your car!

And on the preview day itself, the PR team also invited underprivileged kids from Rumah Amal Al-Firdaus to sample the delicious food served. It is very kind of the Best Western I-City Shah Alam team to kick off their Ramadhan buffet by bringing warm and joy to the underprivileged kids. The children also receives gifts and green packets from the hotel's management team. When I saw the warm smile from the kids upon receiving the gifts, it makes me realized how fortunate we are today. Thus, do bring some warm and joy to the underprivileged society during festive season as your simple gesture means a lot to them. 

As it's a preview session, we managed to sample part of the dishes which will be served during its upcoming Ramadhan Buffet. 

As usual, I started off my Ramadhan buffet meal with some Malay styled appetizers which is the Kerabu dishes. Here in Best Western I-City Shah Alam hotel, there's a few types of appertizer dishes served namely Kerabu Kacang Botol, Kerabu Kerang, Sambal Kacang Ikan Bilis, Jelatah and Tofu Sumbat. 

I love the Kerabu Kerang the most as the clam flesh goes really well with the bean sprouts. The crunchy bean sprouts gives a really good texture to my palate. 

Besides that, they also served the traditional Indonesia styled Gado-gado where you can pick your favourite ingredients from their serving platter and mixed it with the house special peanut sauce. I added extra eggs into mine to make it my style.

Any Ramadhan buffet is not complete without any Lemang, Ketupat and Serunding - they are basic elements that is a must-have during the festive. They have a choice of Beef and Chicken Serunding (meat floss) to choose from. Here's what I did - mixed the lemang with the hot piping curry from its main dishes for an oump! in your mouth. The hot curry provides heat to your lemang so that it's not too hard and dry (since it's being served under the cooling air-conditioned surrounding). 

And I warmed myself up with their Sup Ayam Berempah whereby you can find plenty chucks of chicken meat and potatoes in it. The soup is flavorful and most important thing - not too salty like those served in ordinary shops.

Or you can go for their Bubur Lambuk too which I quite like it too. Probably because there's a balance between all the different elements (meats, vegetables, seasoning) in the porridge and with lots of coriander and spring onions. Their kitchen team is quite generous with ingredients in their cooking which is good for you!

Next, it's time for the main meals to start. There's 2 types of rice being served; the white rice and Nasi Tomato (aka tomato flavored rice). And you can already figured out which types of rice did I pick - definitely Nasi Tomato as plain white rice is on my plate everyday. Their tomato rice is kinda yellowish in coloured compared to those really orangy ones outside. Probably due to the presence of 'kunyit' which makes the rice more yellowish in colour. But the rice is great as there's a lot of herbs used in cooking it. p.s. I picked quite a lot of raisins served on to my plate.
Raisins and rice is a great combination. 

The types of meat dishes served during that evening was Daging Masak Merah, Ayam Goreng Berempah, Wok-fried Squid with Dry Chilies and  Fish Curry. 

I love the Fish Curry as it's not just an ordinary plain fish curry but it's actually fried fish and brinjal cooked in curry gravy. The fish is just nice and the presence of brinjal makes it even better. It's not everyday that there's huge chucks of brinjal swimming in my fish curry. Had more servings of rice to go with this Fish Curry - no regrets! 

The Wok-Fried Squid with Dry Chilies is not bad either whereby the squid's texture is just alright - not too hard and chewy.

Besides these gravy based meat dishes, there's also a Roasted Lamb being served at its outdoor seating area. You can have your lamb carving with either the mint or the brown sauce. And I picked the most outer layer of the lamb - those underneath the skin as it has a crunchy and chewy texture. 

Not to forget about the humble Sayur Nangka Masak Lemak, Fried Eggs in Foo Yong Style and the Siew Pak Choy in Oyster Sauce dishes served. You gotta have a balance in your meal and that's how these three humble dishes fit in. The Sayur Nangka Masak Lemak is something new for me - it's actually nangka cooked in lemak curry. Something unusual for me but it tasted great. And they did a great job in serving those two Chinese styled dishes (the egg and the siew pak choy)!

That's not the end of our dinner here at Best Western I-City Shah Alam hotel. There's plenty of sweet little morsels awaiting us to indulge them such as the Assorted Malay kuih which comes in bright and attractive colours. 

This Jom Beriftar Ramadhan Buffet at Best Western I-City Shah Alam Hotel is held from 6 June to 3 June 2016. It is priced at only RM88nett per Adult and RM44nett each for Child aged 6-12 years old as well as senior citizens aged 60 years old and above!

And another best news for you who are reading this post now. Pre-order the buffet vouchers at Best Western I-City Shah Alam hotel at only RM75nett per Adult by e-mailing to and quote this blog post. Don't wait and pre-order your buffet voucher today. 

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