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Ramadhan 2016: KL Tower Ramadhan Buffet

Looking for an unforgettable dining experience with your family and friends? How about dining at a restaurant which is located 421m above the ground? It sounds like dining in the air and best part, this restaurant is conveniently located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Introducing the special and unique dining experience located inside the mighty KL Tower, the KL Tower Ramadhan Buffet which is held at its Mega View Banquet Hall. During this Ramadhan month, its Banquet Hall is being transformed into a hall featuring classic and authentic 'Kampung' cuisine. And all these mouth-watering dishes are being crafted by the renowned Chef Ismail who also founded and owned Restoran Rebung in KL. And YES!, the Mega View Banquet Hall in KL Tower will be hosting the Restoran Rebung dishes up in the air during this Ramadhan month.

Thanks to Shin May for the invitation to experience dining with a 360 view overlooking the KL skyline. It was my first time going up the magnificent KL Tower and was very excited about it :)

The Mega View Banquet Hall is located on the 3rd floor - a floor up from the Revolving 360 restaurant. There's a lot of staff to guide you on how to get to the restaurant once you're here. Before going up the tower, you'll need to go to the restaurant/buffet ticket counter located at its ground floor - and here's the place to pay for your meal. Then, you'll be lead to the selected lift which transport you to the restaurant.

As the restaurant is located high up in the air, you will experience some discomfort in your ears due to the difference in pressure - as you goes up. And without further delay, you'll be greeted with a beautiful KL city view from the restaurant. The Mega View Banquet Hall is surrounded by a glass window where diners can enjoy the view while dining - thus, we sure to book a window seat if you're dining here.

And I would advised you to reach the restaurant before sunset ( I arrived at 6.30pm). It's because you can capture the sunset scenery at its best - or perhaps a selfie with it. Oh yeah, I love the sun!
Check out the beautiful sunset view from the Mega View Banquet Hall here:

This KL Tower Ramadhan Buffet is held from 11 June to 3 July 2016 only. Best part; you can meet the celebrity Chef Ismail every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday to complete your Ramadhan Buffet experience at KL Tower. And don't forget about a selfie with Chef Ismail if you see him okies. 

I was amazed with the variety of traditional 'Kampung' dishes served - it really adds my knowledge about authentic and traditional Malay styled dishes.

Now, let's start off with some 'appetizer' dishes first which I love the most. A good selection and colorful dishes makes a good start to my meal. You can't miss the Assorted Kerabu dishes (a must-have at a Ramadhan Buffet), the Ulam-ulaman, Gado-gado and assorted sambal sauces which are beautifully placed on a traditional cart structure. And besides these usual dishes which can be found in a Ramadhan buffet, I was greeted with some 'Kampung' styled dishes which are not quite common (to me okies) but it truly reflect the theme 'authentic Kampung cuisine'. Say hello to them (well, correct me if I'm wrong - but I haven't kinda seen them on appetizer dish table in a buffet) : Rendang Pucuk ubi, Tempoyak Daun Kayu and some dishes which I don't really familiar with. Most important thing - they taste good!

Come to the main dishes, I'm very excited to present its delicious (and a double thumbs up from me) Nasi Ulam! It's the taste which I was craving for - it's not easy to find a good Nasi Ulam around the town (do let me know if you know where to get it okies); something which matched the best Nasi Ulam I've ever tasted back during my uni days where I happen to pass by Chef Wan's cooking demo on Nasi Ulam in Lot 10 (yes, there was sampling of the dishes he cooked). The Nasi Ulam served in this buffet is great ( I miss it now) that I went for 2 rounds just on this alone. 

If you're not into this Nasi Ulam, there's Nasi Minyak and hot White Rice to choose from.

To accompany your must-have plate of rice; a long list of mouth-watering dishes are served. Check them out below!

But do keep your stomach space for some other dishes such as the Fried Noodles, Murtabak, Mee Hoon Sup Utara, Penang Prawn Mee and so on!

The yellow noodles used for the Mee Hoon Sup Utara is quite similar to the egg noodles used for Hong Kong styled wan tan mee (not the local one, but the one I tasted in HK). It's very thin and springy (or you can say crunchiness texture) which I'm lovin it!

Do go light on your mains yeah because there's some mouth-watering and delicate sweet morsels awaiting you. Say yeah to desserts! And I must say oh-yeah to my lovely bowl of Serawa Durian! It's a durian desert and it's served with glutinous rice (don't forget about the sticky rice - which I almost did).

It was a great experience dining up in the air with authentic 'Kampung' styled dishes. This KL Tower Ramadhan Buffet is priced at RM99++ (Adult) and RM59++ (Child). Free for child aged 1-3 years old and patrons can also get a complimentary entrance to its KL Tower Observation Deck (it's a great deal). And you can also top up RM20 to experience its KL Tower Sky Box (its new attraction up in Kl Tower) where this box is made of transparent glass hanging up in the air - which means you can see the KL view at your feet! Do not missed this chance as it's way more affordable to purchase the Sky Box ticket with your Ramadhan Buffet ticket.

For more info on this KL Tower Ramadhan Buffet, check out its Facebook page at Official Menara KL or its official website at

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