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Ramadhan 2016: Pullman KL City Centre

Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre Hotel is conveniently located beside Pavilion KL in the heart of the golden triangle. During this Ramadhan month, you can experience a unique break-fast session with a renowned celebrity chef at its main restaurant, Eccucino. This restaurant might sounds familiar to you because Pullman KLCC was previously known as Prince Court Hotel KL! Read my previous Ramadhan buffet at Eccucino here

From 6 June to 5 July 2016, Eccucino at Pullman KLCC is hosting this unique Ramadhan buffet entitled 'Berbuka with Celebrity Chef Norman Musa' which is available daily from 6.30pm to 9.30pm. You can sample a wide variety of east meets west inspired dishes specially crafted by Chef Norman Musa. One of the best thing about the Ramadhan buffet here is that you can also enjoy scrumptious international cuisine besides the authentic and traditional Malay cuisine - in which I find that most Ramadhan buffet only serves traditional Malay cuisine. The Ramadhan buffet at Pullman KLCC has a large variety of food which caters for everyone. Thus, this is one of the best place to host your family and friends for a dinner together during this Ramadhan month.

Besides the good food, you can also meet celebrity Chef Norman Musa here at Eccucino during your dinner on selected days. His next appearance at Eccucino is on 22, 25 and 30 June 2016. Don't miss out to have a selfie or even an autograph from him! He will be conducting a cooking demonstration during the buffet dinner, do drop by to learn some cooking skills from this renowned chef - you might be the lucky one to become his assistant during the cooking demo :)

When you're dining here, be sure to try these signature dishes of Chef Norman Musa. They are served at the traditional push-cart stalls located right at the restaurant's entrance. I love the Rendang Scotch Egg a lot whereby an egg with runny yolk is being coated with a meaty layer of spiced chicken patty and bread crumbs as the outer layer. Then, it's being deep fried resulted in a crispy outer layer while its yolk is still in its runny consistency inside it. It's just perfect and unlike the normal scotch egg; this one is being spiced with rendang flavors in it - creating a wonderful fusion dish you can ever had.

Another special dish is the Rendang Beef Wellington; another Chef Norman Musa's specialty dish. We always heard of Beef Wellington but I bet that it's the first time you heard of a fusion kind of beef wellington! It's a must try!

Another unique dish which I'm lovin it is the Durian Roti Canai! Delicious roti canai with real during filings in it. You don't need to wait till dessert to try them! I had it as part of my mains.

Another item which you gotta try is the Prawns Curry Noodle. I'm amazed by the selection of condiments available for this curry noodle. The curry broth is good and I love prawns!

Now, let me bring you on a food tour of its other dishes served during the buffet. You will be pleased to see the best of two world's appetizers being placed on your plate - which is what I did!

From the traditional Malay cuisine, we have the assorted kerabu dishes, ulam-ulaman and the assorted dipping sauces to meet your needs. And at the same time, you can enjoy the must-have seafood on ice; a starter that is usually served in an international cuisine buffet. The selection of seafood is the cold prawns and mussels and I must praised them for serving prawns which are really fresh on the line. You can try dipping your cold mussels and prawns in the traditional sambal sauces for a little twist!

The soup selection of the night is the Beef broth and if you're a fan of beef - you can see that they are very serious and generous of the ingredients used.

The king of roast of the night is the Arabic style lamb stuffed with biryani rice; a unique dish whereby aromatic nasi biryani is being stuffed and cooked together with the lamb. Don't missed the nasi biryani when you're getting some lamb okies.

You will be pleased to know that your rich-in-flavour bubur lambuk comes with a variety of condiments to pair with. This is a fusion style kind of thing where the kitchen team takes into account the different ways of eating porridge among its customers. Some might eat the bubur lambuk by its own but you can try to add some pickles and peanuts to it because these items actually gives the porridge a bit more texture. Yum!

As for the mains, it is divided into a few sections namely the fusion Malay styled dishes, Japanese cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Western cuisine as well as a grilled corner.
For the Malay styled dishes, you can't missed the fiery and flavourful curries! You can pair your curries with either the hot white rice or the nasi tomato! I personally find that the kapitan chicken curry and prawns curry are awesome - best paired with nasi tomato or even the briyani rice from the roast lamb.

If you're craving for some sushi, the ramadhan buffet at Pullman KLCC is what you need. an adequate selection of sushi are being served and do take a look at its beautifully crafted wasabi! What a detailed presentation of dishes at Eccucino!

The chinese styled dishes here at Eccucino are not to be missed either. I personally love their chicken with ginger and spring onion - it does taste like home cooked food to me.

Eccucino also serves good pizza whereby they have a huge stone-oven to bake them. I personally prefers my pizza to be served hot though. You can also order the pasta from this corner - pick your ingredients and the chef will cook it right away.

And right beside this Italian corner is the grilled corner where you can pick your choice of marinated fish and the chef will grilled it for you. Or you can also pick one from the one which are readily grilled. 

The essential Ramadhan buffet dishes are also not to be missed - it's not a Ramadhan buffet without their presence. What are they? These are your favourites satay with really good peanut sauce, lemang, ketupat, roti john, murtabak and so on. Thus, do go light on each dish so that you can sample all of them!

And not to forget the elaborated list of desserts being served in this buffet. Western styled cakes, puddings, a huge chocolate fountain to traditional Malay kuih-muih, Raya cookies as well as ice-creams and ice kacang.

I would advise you to take a one small bite of everything to sample all items served. Indeed, there's over 100 fusion and innovation dishes available at this ramadhan buffet at Eccucino, Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Thus, do bring your family and friends over to Eccucino this Ramadhan month. This Berbuka with Celebrity Chef Norman Musa Ramadhan Buffet is priced at RM128 nett per adult.

Do visit Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre Hotel & Residences on Facebook for more details.

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