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#OOTD search for Party of the Centry by Empire City

It Tuesday already! And there's only 66 hours left before the party begins.

Have you found your dream #ootd yet? It's the glamorous 1920s theme aka The Great Gatsby theme.

I have done some homework online over the weekend; researching what do they wear during that period. There's lots of text describing the clothes/style/design/etc. Here's my conclusion (based on personal opinion) on what's this Gatsby theme about.

1. Flapper dress  

Here's some interesting story about it:
According to the history, highly fashionable clothes was only for the high-income group during olden days. With the creation of flapper dress, the lower income group was able to have one for themselves as it's more easy to construct this piece compare to the earlier fashion. Therefore, women was able to sew one for themselves and it became an attainable fashion for all.

In short, it's a comfortable dress worn by the many and some called it the shapeless shift dress. This dress does not have a fix length on whether it's a short, knee length or a long dress. Because this flapper dress has gone through an evolution by itself as time goes. You can read more about it here.

2. Beads and pearls
When you hit the search button on Google for "Flapper dress" images, you'll see there's something in common on those dresses. Small and very detailed beads or sometimes pearls hanging on the dresses forming some designs or repeated patterns.

Source: Arcadiagroup

Do look for something with lots of sparkly beads and pearls for the vintage feel.

3. Sequins
Beside the small and beads all around your dress, sequins was very popular during the days too. I think having all the very elaborated beading on the entire dress is quite heavy to wear and uncomfortable especially when you have sharp and tiny beads poking on the cloth and then your skin. Sequin is another option too and it does look classy and glittery making you like the 1920s star :P

Source: Polyvore.com

4. Fringes 
Not your hair fringe, it's the fringe on your dress!
I love touching the fringe on the clothes when I was young because it feels like you're touching a ponytail :P

Source: Bluevelvetvintage.com

5. Fur/Satin/feathers/etc
You can also have some fur elements to balance the sharp and heavy beading or other detail elements on your dress. 

Source: Sanexoo
The combination is lovely. You look elegant with the beading while the satin makes the gown looks so comfortable.

Source: Popsugar
From the movie Great Gatsby, the signature fur wrapped around Daisy's neck makes her look so cute :P

6. Pay attention to the details
Let's cut it short. A comfortable dress with a loose bottom and top with detailed beads/pearls/sequins/diamonds/gem stone/etc giving the shine on your dress. For the dessert, end it with fur/feathers/fringes/satin bows/etc. Besides that, dress made of light pastel chiffon or velvet does fall into this theme too. Do visit Vintage Dancer for more info.

To search for the #ootd of the party, I think I have break my own record for the highest number of boutique shops visited in a day. I'm someone who does not put shopping for clothes as my top priority and my weekly or monthly shopping list will not have "clothing shop" on the list. With the help of Google, I've searched for some shops that I could visit and take a look on the choice of #ootd that I could have. After visited the shops on the list, I've finalized some shops where you can find the #ootd for the Party of the Century.
1. Miss Selfridge
Went and checked out Miss Selfridge at 1Utama; nearest outlet from my place. There's flapper dress with very detailed beading all over the dress; just like the one you see on the Google images search with you hit for "Flapper dress". Yes, exactly the same vintage flapper dress with beads forming patterns all over. There's a few designs available and here's a great news; a few of it is on the SALE section :) Hurry up and grab it. If you're not into beads, there's dress or clothes full of shinning sequins! And some of it are available under the SALE sign too.

2. Rent A Dress KL (RAD)

There's plenty of designer made dresses available for rent at RAD. You can wear those gorgeous + expensive dresses at only a fraction of the retails price. There's also dresses with very detailed beading, ostrich fur, flapper dress with unique beading design as well as simple and elegant dress with some beads if you prefer not to have too many shinning elements on your dress. Do make an appointment with RAD today.

Bonus: Do mention my name "Pui San" when you rent your #ootd for the party at Rent A Dress and you will receive a surprise token of appreciation.

3. Belles & Tuxes 

Guys, have you found your #ootd for the party yet? If not, you can rent a tuxedo at Belles & Tuxes located in Sunway Giza. It comes with your bow tie and bottom as a set when you rent. They have plenty of designs to choose from! For girls, yes they do have some gowns for rent but the design is quite limited for the Gatsby theme.

4. Shinygown

Located in Sunway Giza above KK Mart, you can rent your tuxedo at affordable price! It comes with bow tie and bottom too. And plenty of sizes are available for renting; take a deep breath and you can find the sizes you need here as if you can't fit, they can alter it for you in a day or two. For the ladies, there's plenty of gowns for you to choose from (for renting :) ) and the boutique owner can advise the type or style of dresses suitable for you. Very professional indeed because the owner is a very skillful wedding gown designer. You'll be surprised by the amazing treasure found here! Visit Shinygown today.

5. Lady S

Located in SS2, this is a boutique which offers a variety of very interesting and sweet colours of evening gown for rental. The designs are quite modern with pastel colours but they do have designs which are suitable for the Gatsby theme. Plenty of dresses with sequins and beading. No worries if the dresses are too long or too small because they can alter for you and ready in two days. If you have not found your matching shoes, handbags/clutch, earrings and necklace, here's a good news for you; you can rent all these (shoes, clutch and accessories) at only an additional of RM10 provided you rent the dress from them. A good deal !
Lady S is located on Jalan SS2/66; one of the shops opposite the famous Meng Kee Wan Tan Mee in SS2.

6. Lovisa

Looking for accessories and head gear to match the 1920s theme? Head to Lovisa today! There's plenty of accessories in different design and colours which match the theme. The headgear is an important piece for this theme and you can find it here at Lovisa too. The best part? Lovisa is having sale and I saw some of the Gatsby theme headgear and accessories are on the SALE shelves.
p.s. love the pearls and diamonds head gear found at the Paradigm outlet :)

Wait no more and hunt for your #ootd for the Party of the Century today.

The Party of the Century is held at the Empire City and guests will be the first ones to view a fully completed area within the Empire City.

Source: Empire City
 About Empire City
Empire City is an integrated lifestyle commercial development within a vibrant, artfully stylised world. Here the past meets the future as old architectural styles are combined with modern architectural designs to create a unique world.

This self-contained city that never sleeps is the ultimate spot for meeting, dining, shopping and relaxing. Encompassing thematic malls, retail shops, the 5 Star Marriot International Hotel, the 5+ Star Autograph International Boutique Hotel, serviced office suites and SOHO offices as well as studio suites. Empire City is fashionably convenient for residential, commercial, entertainment and leisure activities. It is the city for lifestyle and entertainment.

In terms of its retail offering, the vibrant Empire City development boasts a two million net lettable area and over four levels with hundreds of stores to choose from. Its distinctive cutting-edge architecture accords the mall an international feel, while attractions such as an Olympic size ice skating rink and exclusive 4DX cinema, as well as a luxury courtyard, are bound to keep visitors impressed. Empire City is the epitome of style.

To know more about Empire City and its amazing Party of the Century, visit Empire City or Party of the Century site. Do remember to follow Party of the Century FB and its Instagram page for daily updates on the party. 

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