Saturday, January 17, 2015

[Upcoming] The Party Of The Century at Empire City, Kuala Lumpur

Have you heard about news that famous socialite/actress/singer Paris Hilton is coming to Malaysia?
It's true! She will be in Kuala Lumpur to attend the most glamorous party in town - in Petaling Jaya :)

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, scroll down to know more about this glamorous party happening exactly 6 days from today.

I'm sure some of you have seen this picture below being shared out on social media and everyone was "wow" with it. 

The Party of the Century; organized by the Empire City is bound to take place on its prestigious ground this coming Friday (23 January 2015) at 7pm. 

The Empire City is the upcoming entertainment and lifestyle hub in Damansara or even Petaling Jaya. If you are going from Kelana Jaya heading towards Kepong on the LDP highway, The Empire City is on your right hand side while PJ Trade Centre (or Empire Damansara sounds more familiar - boat noodle anyone?) is on your left hand side. It is the area under construction on your right side.

This party is a closed-door event and will be attended by invited VIPs from all around the world. Yes, VIPs from all around the world !; or else how can it be called the party of the century or "the once in a lifetime party" right? Who's these special VIPs who will come and rock the party?

Source: PopSugar
You might have heard about the news (if you have not, read here)! Paris Hilton will be performing at this party. Yes, you'll be able to meet her in person at the party. It's not like you can meet Paris Hilton any other day.

Source: The Korea Times
Dear K-Pop fans, 2AM will be performing at this party too! You'll get to meet them at the party and it sounds better than attending a concert with all other fans squeezing beside you :)

Source: Party of the Century
Next, we have Taboo, one of the member of hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas at the party :)
Guess what song he'll be performing that night?

Source: Party of the Century
Watched Australia's Got Talent show? The winner of 2009's Australia Got Talent; Mark Vincent is one of the VIPs! Watching him singing on your television screen during the show? Watch him singing right in front of you instead :P

Source: Party of the Century
From Malaysia; DJ Ken, one of the top DJ's at Zouk Club will rock the party that night! We can party all night long!

Have you being "wow-ed" enough by the invited VIPs list? We have artists from United States, Korea, Australia, ...... and the list continues...

Alright, from Hong Kong, we have Him Law attending the party! The guest whom I wanted to meet the most. hehe. Besides Him, other artists such as Eliza Sam and Sharon Chan will be there too! This is definitely the party of the century to me.


With the theme of the Glamorous 1920s, the atmosphere of the party is lined up with top-notch international performances and sensational surprises set on a world-class city. It's the party that you'll remembered for time to come.

Thanks Empire City for organizing this party and special thanks to Sidney Kan from Big Boys Oven for the invites.

Do follow The Party of the Century's FB page to know more about the party!


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congrats to be chosen going there~ =D

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Pui San said...

Thanks. Will you be going to the party too?