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The Party of the Century, Empire City

On 23rd January 2015, the upcoming Empire City's interior (which is now under construction) was transformed into a magical and nostalgic 1920s theme for that very special night. All because of this 'The Party of the Century' where it lights up the entire construction building into one of the glamorous and posh party in town. If you were there that night, I'm sure that you will be amazed by its transformation. Imagine you are one of the first ones to step inside a halfway constructed building for a party? I think they are one of the pioneer to do this and the entire party was very well done.

The Party of the Century was a closed event and I'm very lucky to be invited to be part of it. Thanks my dear friend Sidney Kan for the invites. I was there with pig (was great that he's off that day :) and it's his first time attending such as glamorous party too).

The party's theme was 1920s and both of us went around searching for the right outfit. If you would like to know more about where you can search for 1920s theme outfit in Klang Valley, so read my previous post on #OOTD for Party of the Century. There might be other places that sell clothes suitable for the theme too but those shops are the one that we managed to visit. I got my shinning gold dress from Lady S Boutique in SS2 and it comes with the necklace, earrings, high heels and the clutch. Hairdo was done by Shaun from Number 76, Bangsar 2 outlet while makeup was by Cindy; a professional makeup artist. As for my pig, he loan his awesome tuxedo from Shinygown in Sunway Giza. It comes with the bow tie, a metal string and a black vest. I really love his tuxedo where the back part of the tuxedo is longer than the front part just ike those you see in the movie.

We were glad as we stay about 3 minutes away from Empire City and reached there just in time for the party. The carpark is huge that there's buggy fetching us from the carpark to the party's entrance. And this is a good sign as this shows that there will be enough parking for all the visitors when the mall opens. But probably they need lots of exits to the carpark for easy access. And there's a lot of guards who are very helpful showing the way all around the carpark. Yes, they can speak English and one even speak Cantonese to me :)

Once we reached the waiting area (where you need to register yourself), we were amazed by how this area was transformed to fit the theme. The entire area was covered with black,gold and white decorative items such as the balloons floating around, great paintings on the wall and the lighting too. And it's air-conditioned inside, not hot at all.

Beautifully decorated walkway.

One of the paintings on the wall

Notice pig's special 1920s tuxedo?

Lovely welcome note.

Wish I can bring the balloons home :)

Our OOTD of the night!

After we registered ourselves, some of the crew was very helpful to ask us whether we already had our photograph taken at the photo area. It was a good initiative I think as most of the media event which I had attended did not have crews (like more than 10 of them) ushering/inviting guests to take picture at the photobooth. Normally, you just see a physical booth at events but there's no crews walking around inviting people to take photographs at the booth. When we told a "No" to the crew, he immediately told us that we can have our photograph taken with the vintage car and it will be printed for us. And best part, he lead us all the way from the registration table to the vintage car area and make sure that we were in our queue :) Love his service!

Took this with our phone :)

One of the displays at that area.

We were very lucky to be able to enter the VVIP area and made our way to the red carpet entrance where all the invited celebrities were there. There were many sports car there too :)

The red carpet!

The Empire City is directly opposite these buildings

Soon, the party was ready to start and after the emcee's quick opening; 2AM was the first to perform. They rocks the party with their lovely voices. It's like you are at 2AM's concert!

2AM performing at The Party of the Century

There was some opening speech (forgot the name of the speaker though) before continuing other great performances. One of the speaker (I think it's the director/boss) of Empire Group and I love his speech, it was great and powerful to give an impact on us. I remembered he mentioned "...I would want to work with all of you again in my next life" and "... I won't be here without all of you".. ( correct me if I'm wrong but these are some of the lines I remembered). I remembered these lines till now, he makes us feel as if we are all part of the group and working towards the goal of Empire Group. It was a great speech.

A toss for Empire's great future.

And Empire City was launched!

And then the performances showcased another element of Empire City through the drumming performance. And there's special effects too with a dragon flying across the ceiling.

And there was acrobats too and the girl was playing violin while hanging on the cloth and at the same time performing/hanging in the sky. It was an eye opener to me. I've seen these dance when I visited Club Med resorts but to play violin up there; it's my first time seeing this.

Then, two of the world's fastest painters performs by painting their painting on stage. This is to showcase the "art" element represented in Empire City.

And next was the performance which everyone were waiting for; it's Paris Hilton on the stage! Oh, it's not like you can see her right with your own eye right. It was great experience to me. She was really beautiful :)

Paris Hilton at Party of the Century

She was on stage for like 20 minutes? There's some dancer dancing around while she tuned up the music.

And Taboo went on stage too! It's like I'm in a concert but watching different artists performed. Normally, if you go to a 2AM concert, you see only them right but here, you see various artists performed.

And I would say that this party was done pretty well with great hospitality. We were served delicious finger food prepared by students from Berjaya Hospitality and some pastry are from Tous les Jours! There were various beverages from different variety of soft drinks to Asahi beer as well as high quality champagne, brandy, etc. They were very generous with their selection of food and drinks and food were refilled very quickly that the trays were never empty. Best part, all guests regardless of VIPs or not; get to enjoy the food and there's some bar top table and comfortable sofas for you to sit down too. It would be great if there's more sofas :)

Here's some of the finger food served, there were more options that what is shown here...

And I got to meet one of the favorite artist; Him Law too! Too bad that I didn't get to snap a photograph with him :(

There were some other artists singing too but didn't managed to snap their pic :P And Mark Vincent did touch the audience with his voice. The night ended with DJ Ken performing on stage.

It was a great party! The area which the guests was standing below the stage is actually the Olympic size ice-skating ring in the mall. What a great idea to held a posh and glamorous party in a construction building. It also proves that their building is very safe since you can put your step in already.

And since I've already read the news that there will be 12 new shopping malls coming up in Klang Valley this year (with Empire City being one if it), Empire City definitely makes it self stands out from the rest with this clear and loud launching party. A great move to make its brand stands out in consumer's mind.

There will be hotels, residences, office towers coming up in Empire City and I can't wait to visit the mall when it opens soon (since it's so near to my home) !

About Empire City

Empire City is an integrated lifestyle commercial development within a vibrant, artfully stylised world. Here the past meets the future as old architectural styles are combined with modern architectural designs to create a unique world.

This self-contained city that never sleeps is the ultimate spot for meeting, dining, shopping and relaxing. Encompassing thematic malls, retail shops, the 5 Star Marriot International Hotel, the 5+ Star Autograph International Boutique Hotel, serviced office suites and SOHO offices as well as studio suites. Empire City is fashionably convenient for residential, commercial, entertainment and leisure activities. It is the city for lifestyle and entertainment.

In terms of its retail offering, the vibrant Empire City development boasts a two million net lettable area and over four levels with hundreds of stores to choose from. Its distinctive cutting-edge architecture accords the mall an international feel, while attractions such as an Olympic size ice skating rink and exclusive 4DX cinema, as well as a luxury courtyard, are bound to keep visitors impressed. Empire City is the epitome of style.

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