Saturday, January 31, 2015

Metal Box Restaurant & Cafe, Empire Damansara

We had found a nice breakfast/brunch place to be included into our breakfast venue list which is located not far from home. Probably you've heard about this cafe already - Metal Box Cafe which is located in Empire Damansara (the vintage building which houses many other cafes as well as Boat Noodle).

It was on the morning of the Party of the Century event day and pig is off that day :) A chance to drove out and had brunch together! Love the fact that this place has an indoor as well as outdoor seating. Since the weather was good, outdoor seating was a good choice to enjoy the morning breeze and sunlight (think Vitamin D :P ). I think I would prefer to sit outdoor as there's a lack of air ventilation on the inside - just a personal preference okay.

Your eyes will be enjoying a moment of peace with the greens surrounding the area. And the mini water fountain with koi fish pond lights up the peaceful morning mood too. We were saying that how awesome it would be if we stay in one of the apartments right opposite Empire Damansara where we can just walk across the road and have breakfast here or other cafes there :P 

Say hi to my pig who's just open his eyes after hours of sleep :P

Unlike other breakfast/brunch places that only served hot food after 11am or 12pm, all the dishes listed on the menu is available throughout the entire day. Thus, if breakfast menu is your cup of tea that morning, have a hearty pasta or a steak or taco instead. Here's the full menu for your reference so that you know what type of food they have there.

Menu at Metal Box Cafe

 As usual, power juices is needed to start the day. Complimentary plain water is served too :)

Fresh juices: Carrot (RM8.90), Orange (RM9.90)

After researching on what people order when they dine here though Foursquare, we-too ordered their specialty dishes. Oh, we actually ordered two type of food (one for each) at first but I think we were too hungry, thus we add on to order another one. Not saying that their portion is small; it's normal size but we were just hungry ~

I had the Guinness Pancake, RM15.90! Comes with 5 small round shaped pancakes and finished off with strawberry sauce together with some berries. The small glass contains gula malacca + a hint of Guinness syrup. I think I love the presentation! Yay to berries and red syrup! Pancakes is fluffy but the after dipping the strawberry sauce + gula malacca syrup, it's a bit too sweet.

Guinness Pancake, RM15.90

Pig needs savory food for his breakfast :) The savoury breakfast of the day; The Red Benedict RM18.90. The eggs benedict is laying on a croissant together with turkey ham, saute mushroom and edamame. But can't really taste the red wine glaze though. There's a great amount of hollandaise sauce where I dipped my pancake in it.

The Red Benedict RM18.90

Then, the Specialty French Toast, RM15.90 came. 3 pieces of toasted bread topped with pistachio nuts, berries, strawberry sauce and the gula malacca syrup. Taste wise, it's okay since this time we didn't pour all the syrup on the toast. 

Specialty French Toast, RM15.90

Great breakfast and it's only 2 minutes drive to this place. Shall try the hot food next time!

Metal Box Restaurant & Cafe

G12 Empire Damansara 
Jalan PJU 8/8
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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