Sunday, February 01, 2015

Restoran Teow Chew Meng, SS2

When it's raining heavily in the evening with horrible traffic jams everywhere around you, it is hard to venture out of PJ to have good food. Do go into SS2 and have your dinner before continuing your journey. It's not that jam inside SS2 area (talking about the small road/housing area).

Restoran Teow Chew Ming which is located at one of the shops behind Yuan Garden Dim Sum in SS2 (or Restoran New Formosa too?) is a hidden gem. That row of shops is very quite at night and parking is not a problem. This row of shops is facing the housing area, not the main road.

This restaurant or tai chow place is air-conditioned. There's a few table outside for outdoor dining too. They are specialized in seafood related dishes and they have seafood mee sua, porridge, rice, noodle soup, etc. Yes, everything you see on the menu is seafood; don't expect a chicken or other meat dishes on the menu yeah. After glancing at what other people were ordering, we quickly made our order too. Basically, you can choose to have either a mee sua or porridge or noodle soup. Then, you choose whether you have it to pair with mix seafood, etc etc.. If you are a rice person, you only have the option of seafood fried rice here :P  And the price is based on per pax, you can order one pax portion for the dishes so that you can try all of them!

Menu at Restoran Teow Chew Meng

Pig was saying that the place is so clean that you can't see any fly around since it's a seafood restaurant. Price is affordable too based on the ingredients put in the dishes. Of course you can't compare a normal seafood noodle at a coffee shop and in a seafood restaurant. For a seafood restaurant, this place's price is really affordable. We ordered the small portion and one pax portion for the noodles. 

Among all the dishes, I love this Shark Fin Mee Sua, RM12/pax the most. There's a lot of fish maw, prawns, oysters and sliced fish in it. Since it's suppose to be a shark fin mee sua, there's a lot of shark fin in it too. And I don't think so that this is real shark fin (real shark fin taste different from this), thus no worries about the poor shark's presence in your meal. And the soup/gravy taste is just right. The kind of taste I like in Chinese dishes ~ the spring onion and cilantro in the dishes. I was happily munching the fish maw which was full of flavour without worrying that pig is gonna gobble up all my fish maw because there's plenty! And the fried garlic makes the soup even better.

Shark Fin Mee Sua, RM12/pax

The Oyster Noodle, RM15 is quite good too. But I love the mee sua more because I don't really eat lor mee (if you know me well). And this noodle is something like lor mee but with a different taste. I can accept the taste as it's not sour but more like a seafood soup. Pig loves this dish as there's a lot of plump and juicy oyster in it. Therefore, pig conquer this dish and me on my mee sua in the end :)

Oyster Noodle, RM15

A dinner is not complete without some delicious side dishes. We love this Octopus! Crunchy and fresh, just right to complement the dinner.
Octopus, RM12 (small)

Another thing is their signature Seafood roll, RM12 (small). It was still burning hot when it arrived on the table. Taste good but if the presence of salted egg yolk is more, then it will taste better.
Seafood roll, RM12 (small)

Do save some stomach space for their steamed yam paste dessert! I love yam paste and this taste like homemade. It might not look nice based on its presentation but the soft and starchy yam paste can be comforting to end your meal.
Steamed yam paste with gingko, RM3.50

Overall, it's a good place to have your comfort lunch or dinner. Found out that this place was featured in the news too. Read it here.

Restoran Teow Chew Meng
33 Jalan SS2/30,
Petaling Jaya.

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