Thursday, February 26, 2015

Nuffnang Premiere Screening: Never Lose Focus

Catch Will Smith in action in his latest movie; Never Lose Focus!
Source: Nuffnang
Thanks to Nuffnang Malaysia and Warner Bros. Pictures Malaysia, I was invited to attend the Nuffnang Premiere Screening of Never Lose Focus at TGV 1 Utama few days ago. As pig is not free, went to the preview screening with Jason. :)

Unlike the other action movie such as I am Legend, After Earth and the infamous Men-in-Black, this movie shows a different side of Will Smith. This movie is more of a romance + crime genre.

'Never Lose Focus' follows Nicky (Will Smith); a super intelligent + successful conman who gets romantically involved with a new female friend; Jess (Margot Robbie) who is also a con artist.

I've got some snapshot from the trailer and here's some interesting highlights from the movie:

The starting point of the movie? Jess uses a lonely guy (Nicky) at a restaurant to act as her partner while she escapes from being 'up in the room' with another guy whom she is trying to steal an expensive watch from. 

As usual, things lead to the room which makes this movie rated 18+. Don't lose focus by judging from the picture, there's a lie which Jess made here :P Thus, it also leads to the starting of this story.

Jess was impressed with Nicky's skill in misdirection - getting another party's focus on him while he steals away their items without them knowing. Jess wanted to learn from Nicky and she was shown a few examples from Nicky. However, Jess wanted to join Nicky's team and she later found him at a hotel's restaurant after checking out a few hotels. Then, Jess was introduced to Nicky's team and was taught on how to steal/con people. Oh, well she passed the test.

They both got closer to each other and he got Jess a pair of VIP tickets to watch a match.

Source: Nuffnang

Another con scheme happens here at the game. It's interesting :)
Source: Nuffnang

In the conman's world, it says  " There's no room for heart in this game".. and Nicky left Jess ..

Till they meet again 3 years later.. and the con scheme continues. This time, the game involves both of them and their job ties into the game as well.

And this is their reaction during their moment of truth after a few lies overlaps on one another between them.

We laughed throughout the movie at those moment of truth :) and of course the romantic moments between Nicky and Jess! It's more about the romance there on screen and the con scheme drives the storyline.

Get into this romantic feeling with Will Smith today on how love affects his con scheme and go through a journey of him securing his love in the end. Never Lose Focus is now available for viewing at our local cinemas.


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