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Valentine's Day Buffet Dinner at Dondang Sayang Coffee House, Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur

It's one week till Valentine's Day. Have you make plans for your Valentine's Day? Besides celebrating it with your beloved partner, you can celebrate it with your family and friends too. Valentine's Day is about 'LOVE' after all and it's time to show these people how much you care and love them. Since Valentine's Day falls on Saturday this year (2015), you have the entire day (if you are not working) to celebrate it with your partner or friends as well as family members.

This Valentine's Day; Dondang Sayang Coffee House at Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur is offering a special 'Valentine's Lovers Bash' for you to enjoy a romantic and memorable Valentine's Dinner. It is a buffet dinner with a mixture of East and West cuisine as well as some Chinese New Year inspired dishes! You only need to pay RM78+ per Adult and RM49+ per Child to enjoy this scrumptious buffet.

Oh, did I mention about the Child's price above? Yes, this Valentine's Lovers Bash buffet dinner is not only for couples but suitable as a Valentine's Day dinner with family and friends too. Thus, you don't need to be afraid or shy to dine on Valentine's Day itself (afraid that everyone in a typical restaurant is dining with their partner while you are the only ones coming in a group?). If you are planning to have this Valentine's Lovers Bash with your partner, there's a special Lucky Dip chance per couple where you might be the lucky ones to bring the fabulous vouchers home with you! (psst, I've heard that there's complimentary hotel room vouchers on the list too ~ an extended Valentine's Day celebration :P). A memorable dinner is not complete without a selfie or wefie taken. Dondang Sayang Coffee House is so thoughtful that each couple will be bringing home an instax photograph taken during the dinner.

Thanks to the team at Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur as well as Sidney Kan; bf (pig) and I was given a sneak peak of the Valentine's Lovers Bash buffet dinner. This is a golden opportunity for us as we rarely got a chance to dine together on February 14 every year (bf's working on every public holidays and special occasion  ~ nature of his work industry). And we normally celebrate it early but it's sad that most of the restaurants does not offer Valentine's Day meal/set before the actual day itself. It's great that we can have a hotel's Valentine's Day meal this year thanks to Corus Hotel!

So, are you eager to know what's on the menu of this Valentine's Lovers Bash buffet dinner! It's a long list but you'll be able to figure out what's on the list from these pictures below.

Beware: tempting and mouthwatering food pictures below...

~ Creamy Seafood Chowder
~ Onion Soup
Served with assorted freshly baked bread & butter.

 I dipped the freshly baked raisin (I think there's some cinnamon too) loaf bread into my creamy seafood chowder! Surprisingly, the bread taste unique due to the combination. Oh, don't drink too much soup yeah as there's a lot of delicious food ahead.

~ Seafood on ice
~ Mixed Mushroom Salad
~ Pasta Salad
~ Potato Salad
~ Mandarin Orange Salad
~ Mussels Salad
~ Thai Beef Salad
~ Mango Prawn Salad
~ Waldoff Salad
~ Seafood Salad with Oriental Herbs

Left is the mixed salads and right is the salad bar.
There's a variety of mixed salads for you to choose from. For me, I love seafood and the mango prawn salad is perfect! The Mandarin Orange Chicken Salad is nice too; it brings a Chinese New Year feel into your Valentine's Day mood since New Year is around the corner too. Oh, talking about the seafood on ice; I had my mussels with some mint sauce from the dressing & condiments corner! Do play mix and match between the seafood with the dressing corner; you might get a right combination that dance in your mouth.

Salad Bar + Dressing & Condiments

Feel sinful with all the delicious mains that is going into your stomach? Balance it out with the greens at Salad Bar. There's even boiled chickpea, hams and even pickles to spice up your bowl of green friends. 


In this buffet dinner; you can taste as much mains that your stomach can store. That's the good thing about having buffet for Valentine's Day; unlike set dinner where you can only choose one type of mains from a list of three or four options (while we always wanted to try it all by making your partner order a different one from yours - so that you both can try it all). At Dondang Sayang Coffee House, you can choose to have both the beef and salmon on your plate or even add the lamb too :) 

 It's the night of Salmon fish where Omega 3 is plenty. Perfect for those who wanted a change from the usual grilled dory fish. The sweet and sour salsa will path the way for more salmon or other mains into your stomach. 

Beef lovers listen here!  This sirloin is grilled to perfection and you're welcome to have more than two slices. Don't forget the mash and gravy to compliment the meat. 

If you prefer ribs, get this BBQ American Beef Ribs instead of the sirloin. The meat is juicy and can be carved off the rib bones easily. 

If you are not into beef, do try this chicken cordon bleu instead. The fillet is wrapped with ham and cheese and coated with a breaded crispy outer layer. Crunchy on the outside and cheesy on the inside. A perfect combination! I think I would love it even better if there's more cheese inside :)

Other mains on the menu:
~ Gratinated Seafood Termidor
~ Grilled Lamb with Mint sauce
~ Baked Fish Fillet with Capers Sauce
~ Pasta with Fresh Tomato Basil Sauce

Besides the salads, there's some carbs available to accompany your mains for the night. This roasted herb potatoes gives your gums a rest in between after working hard to be friends with the meats before this. You can also have the mixed buttered vegetables too if potatoes is too much for you. 

Besides the Western cuisines, there's also some Asian mains available. This grilled basil prawn dish is also a Chinese New Year inspired dishes where we always have grilled prawns on the table during the festive. Now, you can have this on Valentine's Day so that you and your partner can laugh and have good times together the entire year. There's also other Asian dishes such as curry chicken with potatoes, braised black mushroom with tau kan and sweet & sour fish.
A great news for Asian food lovers: you can have your Asian mains together with either yang chow fried rice or simply white rice. I'm sure the gravy needs some rice as its base. 

Live Station
~ Grill Station
~ Popiah Station
~ Noodle station
~ Sushi Cart

 This is the 'Live Station'. It houses the grill station, popiah station, noodle station and the sushi corner too. You can choose the marinated meats and seafood tray and hand it over to the chef to grill it for you. I saw lots of popiah in the forms of 'golden money bags' which fits the Chinese New Year feel this month. And do also try the wantan mee (they only served this type of noodle here); available in dry or soup version together with chicken char siew and wan tans (the dumplings). If you still have some stomach space, have a one or two of those maki.


 It's Valentine's Day and the dinner is not complete without some heart-shaped cakes and pastries. Yeah, eat all the 'L-O-V-E' cakes and pastries on the table. Do scope the heart into your partner's mouth :P

As Valentine's Day coincide in the same month as Chinese New Year, there's also some Chinese New Year pastries on the dessert station and Mandarin Oranges too.

After all the fiery and warm hearts session, complete your therapy with the icy ice kacang; the Malaysia version. There's some condiments for you to beautify your bowl of shaved white ice. 

Other desserts on the menu:
~ Cut Fruits
~ Ice Creams
~ Fruit Jelly, Mousse
~Honeydew Sago
~ Chocolate Pudding

 For less than RM100/pax, you can enjoy all these delicious food without burning a hole in your pocket. And do make your booking now because you can get 20% off per pax. Hurry up because the promotion is available for a limited time only. You can also listen to some romantic music from the live band while you dine.

Dondang Sayang Coffee House is located on the Ground Floor of Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The restaurant is located on the left hand side if you are coming into the hotel from the main entrance. There is a live band playing at the lounge next to the restaurant from Tuesday to Sunday. You'll be able to listen to the music while you dine here.

For those who are driving, there's parking space available at the basement carpark. Or you can park your car at the Avenue K shopping mall one building away from the hotel.
If you don't drive, take the LRT train and get down at the KLCC Station. From the station, walk towards the exit sign showing the direction of Avenue K. The train station is right below the Avenue K shopping mall. From the ground floor of Avenue K, walk towards the direction of Dolly Dim Sum (with this dim sum shop on your left). Once you're at this dim sum shop, walk out of the mall and cross the road to Le Apple Boutique Hotel. Walk pass this boutique hotel and Corus Hotel is right after the boutique hotel.

I also realized that there is a Aeroline counter at the hotel lobby where you can purchase a ticket to Penang or Singapore. Quite convenient actually.

After having your dinner at the coffee house, do take a stroll around the KLCC park or Jalan Ampang for a romantic walk :)

Dondang Sayang Coffee House @ Corus Hotel KL
Jalan Ampang,
50450, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03- 2161 8888

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