Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day 2015

 Happy Valentine's Day!

It's our 6th year celebrating Valentine's Day together. How time flies! I still remember our first celebration together :) Thinking back on all the journey from our 1st till 6th year, I'm glad that I have pig to accompany me through all the good and bad times together. It's not easy to find someone who understand you well without you telling him and most important ~ he tolerates with all your demands and wants. Any male out there able to tolerate with a girl who loves pink for everything she owns? My pig is the special one who can. Thanks for being surrounded by a pinky world without complaining :)

This 6th Valentine's Day, I decided to make a "Bedroom Display" - our own term where we usually display all the items together (both his and my gifts) on one side of the wall/bed/table and take a memorable photograph for safe keeping ~ like a summary of our celebration where by looking at this picture, it summarizes our moments during that particular festive. 

Every year, it's pig that decorate the display and he has done an amazing job in putting everything together. One of the most memorable one was during my 21st Birthday. Thanks pig :)

 For the first time, I'm decorating this display and made it as a gift for him :)

Happy Valentine's Day 2015

As promised, I received 24 roses this year as I'm 24 (by year) years old. Okay, I'm consider 23+ since my birthday is not over :) Instead of looking at the list of how many roses represents what; he sends number of roses according to age. Best part, the roses are mysteriously there when your eyes are ready for the first light of the day.

For the first time, fragrance is in the gift list.

And of course, cake from Sunny Yau, Big Boys Oven. We get cakes from him for all the special occasions.

Let me present you; the pink and white world for pig. Got them from the local IKEA store and some from the Singapore outlet thanks to my lovely colleagues. It may be pink and white but pig says it's cute. hehe. Because I like it pink and white :)

A gigantic card for pig with "Love Coupons" on the card. And realized that we hardly remember how we celebrate all the past Valentine's ; thus include notes on all the past year's Valentine's celebration. This giant card is available at Memory Lane gift shop.

I sew this small purple pillow from the Buddy Pillow workshop organized by Akemi 1Utama last weekend. Just happen to pass by that area and spot the workshop. It suppose to have eyes, ears and heart shape on it but thanks to my bad sewing skills; the best I could do it to sew the cloth to 'zip' up the pillow.

Got this from Jaya Grocer Empire Shopping Gallery. Since there's a lucky draw for a minimum spend of RM20 in a single receipt; I thought why not get the wine (since we need to buy it anywhere) and try luck in getting the vouchers.

Here's another heart pillow from Memory Lane. It's pillows for this Valentine's.

Finally, Happy Valentine's Day pig. Hope you love the gift:)

Pig in the morning when he's not on camera mood.

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