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Chef Low Seafood Restaurant, Lucky Garden,Bangsar

 It's the season of 'Lou Sang' as Chinese New Year is less than 2 weeks away. As usual, pig and I will dine in at a restaurant just to try their yee sang; it's our annual practise. We don't mind ordering a yee sang and toss it between us (two of us only) as it's fun to just play with it between ourselves. Let's toss for more happiness day ahead of us and it's a long journey that we had went through till today :)

This year, we found our new favorite place for lou sang in Bangsar. And their lou sang is just awesome.
Chef Low Seafood Restaurant in Lucky Garden, Bangsar serves delicious organic salad yee sang as well as other stir-fry dishes - seafood in particular. Their organic salad yee sang is also featured in TimeOut KL's 'Unusual Yee Sang Dishes' column. 

Turning into Lucky Garden, Bangsar; spot the huge red Chef Low's billboard sign which is lighted up with LED lights. This billboard/logo sign is hang right on top of a car workshop. The restaurant is right next to the car workshop. There's indoor seating at the ground floor as well as first floor- all air conditioned. But there's also a few tables outside the restaurant along the corridor walkway.

You'll be greeted by a few tanks of fishes swimming or sometimes starring at you as you walked pass :) We were lucky to have a table for two upstairs. Oh, and we booked our table while we were on our way to the restaurant and also made an order of our dishes too. There were many group dinners around when we were there; thus it's advisable to make a booking before you go there.

Flip through their menu and you can see a long list - more than 5 pages on the menu with interesting dishes name and the price of course. There's a variety of tai chow dishes ranging from the affordable price dishes to expensive dishes such as shark fin or sea cucumber dishes on the menu. It's really depends on your budget. There's also a variety of rice and noodles dishes if you are on a budget.   

Menu at Chef Low.

Menu at Chef Low.

 Pig had this fresh passion fruit juice. I think its too sour but pig like it :P 

Fresh Passion Fruit Juice

And you'll be given a plate of kacang putih to share. Just like any other restaurant where they serve chargeable peanuts; they serve kacang putih here. This plate of tidbit will cost you RM3.

Tidbits, RM3.

 Their signature Organic Salad Yee Sang comes in a few choices of accompanying side which are jelly fish, salmon, abalone slices, shark fin, etc. And you can opt to add on some of the sides too. For us, we took the Yee Sang with sliced abalone and add on pear into it. The yee sang with sliced abalone costs RM42 and the additional pear costs RM10.
Top: Without sauce. Bottom: After we pour all the condiments on to it.

Their yee sang is one of the best ones that we had ever had. Their yee sang is taste fresh and juicy (with the addition of pear) with an unforgettable taste in every bite. We don't feel bloated or jelat after having a few rounds but we wanted more! There's thinly slices kaffir leaves, small sacs of pomelo fruit, spring onion, parsely, lettuce together with the usual ginger, onions and other condiments. Their plum sauce is different where it makes the yee sang taste slightly savory rather than sweet. It is a good appetizer because it opens your appetite for your next dishes and Chef Low's one hit it. Unlike the other yee sang that we had; where the entire dish tasted a bit on the sweet and sour side that we feel full after a few bites. We are gonna be back for yee sang here :)

Let's toss!

 Before we reach the restaurant, pig had ordered this Hong Kong Style Steamed Glutinous Rice with Seasonal Waxed Duck and Preserved Sausages. This is because it takes about 20 minutes to steam the rice and we do not want to wait or 20 minutes; thus ordered this while we made our booking. There's an option to choose either the white rice or glutinous rice; we chose the rice because glutinous rice is too filling for us. We had the small portion at RM40. This small portion is actually very BIG. We were shocked by the size of the claypot when it was served. But the smell is great.

Hong Kong Style Steamed Rice with Seasonal Waxed Duck and Preserved Sausages, RM40.

 Mix the rice evenly so that the rice at the bottom is evenly covered with the sauce. We added more spring onion into it too. The rice is not too salty but if you prefer a more salty taste; add some soy sauce into it while you mix the rice. There's more ingredients in the claypot than the rice. You'll find preserved duck meat, preserved pork sausages and liver sausages as well as some roasted pork meat. I truly love the preserved sausages because it's not the same as those you can buy outside. There's a very fragrant wine smell and every bite of the sausage is very meaty - not too hard and not too soft; just right.

Done with the mixing.

 I treat the yee sang as the greens of the meal and eat it together with my rice from the claypot rice. It taste good actually that we both finished the entire yee sang and the pot of rice. And the yee sang size is a small one (good for up to 5 pax) but imagine we both treated it as salad and finished it. It's just taste good!

They do serve Chinese New year set meal too. Information as below:

Chef Low Seafood Restaurant
4, Lorong Ara Kiri 3,
Lucky Garden, Bangsar
59100, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2095 2766.

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