Thursday, February 19, 2015

Chinese New Year 2015: Once-in-a-year Reunion Dinner!

Happy Chinese New Year 2015!


Welcome to the Year of Goat. 

Let's bid farewell to 'Horsie' and welcome the "GOAT". I'll see you 12 years later yeah 'Horsie'. Oh, it's my year too - Year of the Goat! Psst, guess how old am I huh?

I love Chinese New Year because it's all about the FOOD and GATHERING in my family. I have always been talking to my friends on how delicious meal served back in my aunt's home. And here I'm gonna flood your screen with all the food which I love ~ I grew up eating them!

What's the grand meal before Chinese New Year? It's gotta be the Reunion Dinner! Love this year's reunion dinner because there's all the food I love and large gathering during dinner. Okay, I'm used to dine with so many people while squeezing on a big round table. It's something you can do once-in-a-year. After experiencing this for more than 20 years of such reunion dinner, I think I would feel weird without this atmosphere. The scene where there's so many dishes and plate of rice that there's no place to put the soup :)

Let's welcome this new year with a lovely Reunion Dinner. 

Reunion Dinner 2015. Okay, soup is missing here.

The Hero among all the dishes: Poon Choi

Which festive is more suitable to eat Poon Choi other than Chinese New Year? Thanks to my pig who got this poon choi from Paradise Dynasty Restaurant. Yeah, I hand carry it back hometown :P And it comes with a beautiful coated claypot.

Here's what is inside the pot. After digging inside the treasure pot, I found prawns, abalone, sea cucumber, duck, chicken, broccoli, yam, pork belly, tau fu pok, scallop,white cabbage. I hope I didn't left any. It might look messy from the picture; as in it's not the same as those shown on the brochure. It was beautifully arranged when I received it (but of course it's not that huge like on the brochure - food photography huh) but we reheated it at home and thus here's the result (I'm sure you will stir a bit during the heating up process). Taste wise is ok ~ combination of seafood + poultry taste. However, something seems to be missing from the strong seafood + poultry taste.

Fish oh Fish 

Here's the must have fish. Steamed with bean paste and premium soya sauce (organic one to be precise). Topped with self-plated parsley and lots of onion and garlic. Love this. Fish still have the so called sweet and sea water taste. 


My favorite salted chicken. Juicy chicken and eat it with the traditional sauteed onion, ginger and spring onion. 

The special sauteed onion, ginger and spring onion.

Chinese Sausage

Chinese sausage is a must have during Chinese New Year. These waxed sausages were brought back from Hong Kong during our last trip there. Oh yeah, they are from Yung Kee Hong Kong. It's waxed pork sausages (lighter red ones) and goose liver sausage (darker) here.


After all the heavy dishes, you'll need a wash it down with some greens. And it's grown from my aunt's own garden! So, it taste sweet!

Our family dinner always comes with a bowl of individual soup ~ vegetarian soup; to cleanse or cool down your body's heat. And all the soup which we had all these while are sweet; not savory.  It actually quench your thirst after all the salty dishes.

That's all for our Reunion Dinner 2015. 
More mouth-watering dishes coming soon during this long Chinese New Year week. 

Wishing you a Prosperous New Year ahead. 

~ Goat Xi Fa Cai ~

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