Tuesday, February 10, 2015

La Senza's Love Sexy Valentine's Shopping Party, Pavilion KL

 Valentine's Day is around the corner and everywhere you go; there's shades of pink and heart motifs.

Last Saturday, the La Senza Love Sexy Valentine's Shopping Party was held at its Pavilion KL outlet and thanks to Female Magazine for the invites. Was there with my good friend; Jade :) We had so much fun buying lingerie :P

Guess which outlet is this La Senza boutique located

Yay to Female Magazine.

I've been to their Valentine's Day event for the past few years consecutively too. Just like every year, their decorations focuses on the pink theme together with their new collection - it's pink too! And every year, pink balloons filled up the entire outlet's ceiling space together with a must-have photobooth for more selfies :) The event starts from 10am till 1pm and there's an exclusive offer for all the guests.

It's so PINK!

 An event is not complete without a lovely photobooth. Their photobooth cover visual is so unique this year. You can stand next to the girl; pretending that the real model is there and take a snapshot.

 With all the props according to the theme! It's a girl's party after all.

Their trademark is all lighted up with pink lighting.

Heart shape balloons filled up the entire ceiling space. The string end with another small paper heart shape and it serves as one of their treasure hunt game later.

 Introducing to you the La Senza's latest Valentine's Day collection or also know as Love Sexy collection. There's a few designs which focuses on shade of baby pink with a butterfly lace in the middle of it. If you feel that pink is not for you, there's designs in black and white too. See the new collection below - all the lingerie below the 'LOVE SEXY" text.

 Their main focus is the baby pink one with black laces forming a butterfly's wings as you can see on what the model is wearing. It comes together with a matching panties where you can surprise your partner this coming Valentine. There's also a sexy sleep wear piece which matches this new baby pink lingerie set.

In conjunction with Valentine's Day, there's a special edition gift box for purchase where you can place these sexy lingerie in the classy box and gift them on that special day. Oh, did I mention that this gift box comes in baby pink and black too?

During the party, we receive some exclusive discounts where there's a 50% off when we purchase above RM500. Besides that, we also received a RM50 cash voucher from our goodie bag! Also found in the goodie bag are water tumbler with La Senza motifs, an Iphone cover and a piece of lingerie. I think I have more than 3 La Senza tumblers already in my collection. hehe. With the great deal, we started our shopping and seriously; it took us more than an hour comparing the designs and its price before we decide our piece.

Let's shop till drop.

 Luckily, there's refreshment served too. Drinks and the snacks such as pizza, pavlova and cakes keeps us entertained throughout the shopping process.

Then, the pretty emcee of the day explaining the different types of bra and how each of them gives a different look. There's 3 mannequins on display representing a casual, office and a party look. The bras are the comfortable Body Kiss, the extra pus up Hello Sugar and the new Love Sexy collection.   

This is the Body Kiss collection one if I'm not mistaken for the casual wear. The Body Kiss is a comfortable one where the texture is smooth and soft just like your skin. You'll be walking and moving a lot when you are having some leisure activities; thus this piece can gives you a maximum comfort throughout the whole day.

Next, this is for office/work attire with the Love Sexy collection. The new baby pink piece's back strap can be adjusted to different style so match your office outfit. Some of your formal attire might be showing some skin at the back and since it's a formal environment, you would not want to see your strap sticking out from your clothes. This the new piece's strap is very versatile and make it your way.

Last but not least, it's the Body Kiss collection piece. This piece gives you that extra push up to boost your confidence in wearing your party outfit. There's a few choice where you can choose an extra push or a double push ones!

Then, there's a treasure hunt game where you need to look out for one of the ten balloons with a small La Senza sticker on the heart-shaped paper. I quickly spotted one and I got another goodie bag too. This time with a round pouch mirror and a dazzling pouch.

I think we bought a year supply of lingerie! With a total bill of more than 1k, there's a 10% discount for members, then we get a 50% discount on top of the bill and can also use the RM50 cash voucher given in our goodie bag. That's a great deal isn't it? With all the goodie bags and giant + heavy shopping bags in our hands, had some selfies before we left :)

Heavy bags of shopping bags and goodie bags.

Our tired faces from the 1 hour plus shopping.

Heavy shopping bags with other phone and cameras in pockets :)

Thanks dear Jade for coming to the event with me.

Squeezing behind the photobooth for a quick shot. Hopefully I didn't block those busy printing photos behind there.

 Oh, there was a best dressed couple and a lucky draw before the event ends too. Everyone went home with their hand full of new lingerie. A whole year supply I guess! Too bad that there's no pretty models fashion show and the dessert table display this time; there was when I went last time :( Hopefully next one will have models wearing their new collection for a fashion show then.

If you have not purchase your Valentine's gift for your partner, head to the nearest La Senza outlets now. You can purchase them for your partner (limited edition gift box available) or wear them to surprise your partner instead. Hurry! Valentine's Day is less than 4 days away.

If you don't know how to look good in these lingerie, La Senza comes with a guide to teach you how.

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