Sunday, February 15, 2015

Nuffnang Premiere Screening: Kingsman The Secret Service

Thanks to Nuffnang and 20th Century Fox, I was happy to be part of the premiere screening of Kingsman The Secret Service recently. Since pig was unable to took time off for the screening, went with my good friend Jason instead :)

Source: Nuffnang

The movie lasted about 2 hours and 10 minutes excluding the long-winded advertisements shown before that. It's basically a spy action movie and rated R-18 due to the type of words used and actions shown in the movie.
Passes to the premiere screening.

This story follows a super-secret spy agency who had helped to save the world since World War 2. Its spy agent members are known as 'Kingsman' and they camouflage themselves by operating tailor shops specializing in man's suits. The hero of the story; Eggsy went through a different path of his life after he was recommended by senior agent Galahad; also known as Harry to join the team.
You'll go through the journey of how Eggsy transform and trained himself to be a 'Kingsman'. At the same time, this lunatic technology tycoon Richmond Valentine has nothing better to do with his money that he came out with a plan to save the world for the future ~ by reducing the number of populations on Earth. Through the free sim cards given by him to the entire world, it channels a unique sound through the smartphone and controls people to start killing each other. And you'll see how Eggsy saves the world. And it ends with a dirty sex joke between Eggsy and the princess.

There's some horrifying part where people went insane trying to kill each other. You'll see some gory scene of sharp objects being poked through the head, blood everywhere and masses of bodies lying around. And I'm amaze that they put fireworks celebration coming out of the human neck instead of the head flying up to match the scene where Eggsy managed to stop the soldiers from attacking him.

You'll also realize that a free product given out to the mass might eventually be the tool to kill you instead. Next time if you see something given out to the whole world for free, think twice before you queue up for it :)

As for the ending, watch it yourself in the cinemas yeah to know what is this dirty joke about.

Watch the trailer by 20th Century Fox below. It's good enough to tell you the whole storyline. 
If you can't view it, follow this link here.

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